Drawn or edited covers?

On most of my favourite stories, the covers are drawn. and I know from experience that most people judge a book by its cover. But heres my question.

I’m not the best at art, and not everyone is free to do art covers for someone else sooo… are edited covers just as good?

drawn cover may help. but not that much. I would say start out with an edited one. you can always get a drawn later.

honestly the cover wont matter to much actually. no matter what you are gonna struggle with getting people to read your story.

personally I really hate when I see a story with a drawn cover and the the story is garbage. like a person spend time makeing this and you cant even make the charatere face the right way shame on you.


As long as it’s interesting and draws the reader in I don’t think it matters whether it’s edited or drawn

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Lmao she said it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: She ain’t wrong, though. :disappointed:

Now that you mention it, I like drawn covers a little better, but that will barely, if at all, affect my likelihood to click a story. I do judge the cover of the story, but not a lot. The real test is the description.

What I’m looking for in a cover:

  • Not the default cover
Doesn't look like this


  • Seems to indicate that it’ll be a genre that I like

So TL;DR I wouldn’t worry about it. :+1:


same. the cover makes me look. the description makes me read. which is why I hate those wage descriptions stories have. I wanna know what the story is about. if the cover says more about the story then the description it’s not good

also I had a girl I made a drawn cover for who wanted something like that. she got the guy kissing the girls cheek instead

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you don’t have to have drawn cover. editied is great too! just make sure your characters are cut well, fonts are nice, backgrounds matches with character’s mood, outfit etc.

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I Love both types of covers. As long as it’s not just the character put on a random background… Edited Can also be something like this

Click me!

I Can claim this art Cuz it’s mine xd

And I personaly think it’s better then some drawn that looks like my shameful tries to draw
Example of my pathetic drawing xd

Click me too!

So yea I really don’t care as long as the Art is medium quality


Lmao same :joy::joy::joy:

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Are you kidding?!?!?! Your work is beautiful :sob::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Edited maybe :joy::joy::joy:
Whenever I make a cover for my story, I end up requesting from someone else, cuz it looks awful. So non of my 8 stories have covers that I Made by myself, yet other authors have covers that I’ve Made. :joy:

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:joy:your work is amazing! Don’t doubt yourself :heart:I tried doing art and it took me like 3 hours and I had 60+ layers and guess what? I deleted it instead of pressing the merge button :persevere:

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Awh you don’t even wanna see my 1st edit :joy:

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Omg same😂mine flopped so hard

I can draw you a cover if you need one :heart: