Drawn pfp needed!

Hi! So as you can see, I have a pfp from google, and I see all these people have nice drawn pfp! If you could draw me a quick and simple pfp I would really appreciate it!!

character details

skin tone: Neutral 03
face: diamond
Hair: Long down wavy princess braid - color: dark brown
Brows: Arched natural
eyes: deep set false lashes smokey eye - color: blue green
nose: Round broad
lips: full heart pouty - color: blackberry red gloss (I think that’s what it’s called).
Can be wearing any close as long as it looks good!


I was thinking something light and kind of fairy tale like. something that you might imagine in a fantasy! Be creative!!

Please do not be offended if I end up using someone else’s pfp! I bet all of the pfp submitted will be amazing, and just because I choose one over the other doesn’t mean I don’t like yours!
Have fun with this and be creative!

I can help you


You can request here

Episode official’s ( free drawn pfps )


Visit some art shops


This is the link to the shop

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You can request in my shop

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