~Dream Art shop~

Welcome to ~Dream Art Shop~
We are an art shop that has just been created, We are happy to bring in members who are creative and like to help others. You write what you want help with in the chat below write in detail. We hope you will enjoy our work.

Here are some examples of what we can do
-Character detail banners

And here you have those who are members of the group that will make your dreams real.








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Hi can i have a paint art??

I’d love to join and if you need anything you can pm me ot just reply here.

sure details?

Hello, could you make me a art scene please? It’s for my first story oof :joy::heart:

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I wanna join your art shop just pm for examples!

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yeah sure details?

Thank you!

Here are the details

The man is a mafia leader and Raine (female) is an assassin.

Hello! This is pretty urgent! I hope you haven’t started it! I wish to change the characters! Is that okay?

yeah sure you can change

Hello everyone im gonna change this art shop and make it better so im gonna update this site !
If you know a good name for this art shop please tell!

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Hi I was wondering if I could request a drawn cover by @PropertyofNae ?

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Sure just leave the details. I’m kinda busy but I should be able to help :sparkling_heart:

ok here are the details:

Scarlett -
Skin tone: Tan
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Hair: Beach Wave Hair; Color: Black
Eyes: Upturned Feline; Color: Toffee
Face Shape: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Classic; Color: Toffee

Caleb -
Skin tone: tan
Eyebrows: Thin arch
Hair: Short Cropped Hair; Color: Black
Eyes: Stoic almond; Color: white
Face Shape: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven; Color: Terracotta




Story Title: Barely Breathing
Author name: Ellie Lipton

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I can’t draw characters side ways like that

Can you draw something like this?

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Do you want it to look more edited or is that just the pose you want and also when do you need it?

Ya if it could look more edited that be great and yes can you do that pose. I need it by sometime next week but I can push it if you need more time

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My drawing style is a bit different so I’m not sure if it’ll turn out looking semi edited and the time is perfect for now :sparkling_heart:

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