Dream Discussion Thread 🌛



:zzz::thought_balloon: Dreams are interesting, aren’t they? They can be funny, scary, weird… anything, really. Whether it be a dream or a nightmare, they could mean absolutely nothing, or they can mean something else; perhaps a message in our lives.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been keeping a small dream journal which gave me the inspiration and idea to make this thread. I also found some inspiration from the Thriller contest as some dreams can be ‘thrilling’, no pun intended lol. Anyway, from keeping a journal, I’ve been able to both recall and have more dreams. I feel that dreams can be a way of understanding and analyzing our inner-selves through our current state better. I also find them fun to discuss and share.

Heck, they can even give you some cool ideas and reflections…

So, what are your experiences, thoughts and feelings with dreams and nightmares? Do you write them down? Were they vivid? Is there a particular one that you recall well? What occurred in your dream and what details do you remember? Do you think it had any meaning? If you researched your dream by any chance, what information did you find about your dream? In addition to this, what are your own personal interpretations about them and how do you do it? Was the experience significant or powerful to you in any way?

Feel free to share anything related to the topic below. I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts. :slight_smile:

Dream/nightmare meanings are here!

This seems like a cool thread. My dream was too weird today but a long time ago I dreamt that I was drowning since I can’t swim.


I used to have a recurring nightmare when I was little about this killer goldfish. It would always take place in a warehouse and the fish could somehow do parcour and jump from shelf to shelf. Very strange.
I think it was influenced by this show I used to watch, “My Goldfish is Evil”. :thinking:


@dqrkskin Interesting. I had a similar dream that I recall so well some years ago. It was like drowning, but except I was in a car with my family and it was lava instead of water. We fell into it and it started to get really hot, and then I woke up. The first thing I noticed was that it felt very hot in the room since the AC was off, so I suppose that could explain it somehow lol.

A little scary but more of a shocking and thrilling dream I had back then. I never gave much thought of it at the time. I looked it up and it said something about happiness, vividness, love affairs and taking risk. Well it got one thing right; I sure do love to take risks but not love affairs/relationships lol.

@Mystery.Author Haha, that’s very interesting. In my opinion, if I had that dream I think I would find it more humerous… Not sure why lol, but I suppose that would depend on how this killer fish appeared. Was the fish cartoonish or realistic like an actual fish? If an actual fish, I probably wouldn’t find it funny but rather disturbing somehow lmao.


It was cartoony, but my 9 year old self found it truly terrifying at the time. Ah, young minds :joy:


Hi there! :grin:
First of all, I want to say that this topic is amazing! You’ve really had a great idea @Lemniscate :wink:
I’m pratically obsessed with my dreams, they are really important for me.
I find it really interesting that you save them in a journal, I’m doing the same but in my phone😜
I have the luck to dream almost every nights (it’s almost as if I’m living two lifes: one in the reality, the other in my dreams!).
Most of the time my dreams are really longs and complex, they’re telling me a whole story! :exploding_head:
Some of you could call me crazy but those who are living the same as me will understand! :upside_down_face::crazy_face:
When I’m thinking about it, I’ve never dreamt in black and white…
Sometimes, I’m following my own “adventure” (I can see myself, or I know that I’m in my dream) and sometimes I’m following other people’s “adventure” :relieved:
I remember that when I was little, three dreams were always coming back to me (two abouts dinosaurs, I was passionate, and one verry creepy with extraterrestrial life-human form, tall, slim, grey and with big black eyes! :scream:)
And sometimes again, those dreams come back in my head.
I don’t know if my dreams mean something or they’re just here because of my imagination… in booth case I’m glad they are here!:heart:
So, I’m really happy to share my experience with you and if you want to talk again feel free to contact me :wink:
Thank you for the reading and sorry if there are any mistakes.


I have the weirdest dreams, and in most of them, I’m either flying, jumping really high, or running really fast (faster than I have ever run haha).

One time, when I was really little, I had a dream that I woke up and suddenly I was on the roof of my friend’s house with my friend. (My friend and I lived in the same neighborhood at the time, we lived in a townhouse.) So, yeah, I was on the roof of her house. There was a window, and we knocked on it a million times before an adult came running. For some reason, they couldn’t get us down, and we stayed up there for a few hours. Then, suddenly the window broke and we fell down into a giant bowl of soup (??). That was one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had. XD

Another one of my weirdest dreams is that I was driving a bathtub (:joy:) to Massachusetts, where I used to live. But when I got there, I realized I was in a Mexican fiesta. o_O


@PurpleRose Now that’s hilarious and random lmao. Sounds like some pretty fun dreams. Your first dream reminds me of an old childhood book that I always enjoyed reading in elementary school:
Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.

@Merit18 Wow, that’s pretty awesome! I loved the way you described your experience; being able to dream in that way, even vividly is something special. I typically have dreams every once in a while or so; not consistent but maybe once or twice a week lol. They seem to be more apparent as of late, though. And yeah, the journal haha. Whenever I wake up, I just hop out of bed and sit at my desk and write down as much as I can remember and I reflect on it later in the day.


Thank you.:grin:
It’s just so easy for me to talk about it.
Yeah, writing my dream is literally the first thing I do when I wake up!:wink:
And now, I’m going to sleep -and probably dream (in my country it’s midnight!:crescent_moon:)


When I was 7, I had that one dream where a shark was in my bathtub and I was trying to escape from it, but I was molecule sized and trying to hang on to the railing. The shark bit me, and I woke up.
Last night, I dreamed about a real life and game of thrones crossover.
I only remember bits.
I was in the perspective of someone named ___? I forgot. And she had two suitors, I remember one of them was Joffrey from Game of thrones and i forgot the other one.
Anyways, this was in high school, and at some point, I got in trouble by yelling in an elevator, then teachers yelled outside the elevator they would stop the elevator if I continue yelling, so I got off the other floor.
Afterwards, I somehow ditched Joffrey and I was the center of gossip. (I remember people whispering and holding their phones up and giggling and looking at me sideways) Then somehow it was a rainy day and I went to the lobby, where a teacher ushered people in and someone was assigned to hug me?
After I ditched Joffrey I went with the other guy and I remember Joffrey was nice because he new how to grow vegetables but the other guy was very rich and also knew how to grow vegetables? So I thought, wow, he knows how to grow vegetables! And I was like, I’m going to marry him. I forgot what happened afterwards but I remember getting of the elevator to the other floor, I jumped off, and I the floor looked exactly like my local bookstore in real life.

Anyways, it made a whole lot of sense to me in my dream.


Also, one of the best and worst dreams there is that I have occasionally is that throughout the hours that I sleep, I’m surrounded by cakes, sweets, biscuits, chocolate…
Then, I bite one and…
Wellllll, you can guess what happened.
And the first few seconds when I woke up I thought it was real, and I bit my tongue.


i only ever lucid dream, which means i’m conscious of and can control my dreams (which are almost always nightmares)


My dreams are too confusing (and boring) to even be explained.
But somehow I’m aware that I’m dreaming and when I have a stressful nightmare I simply decide to wake up.


Has anyone ever had a dream in a dream? That happened to me once, haha.


It’s almost been a month that no one has posted here and I do not want this thread to be closed!

Speaking of running really fast, there are also those dreams where you run extreeeemely slow, usually when you need to be running fast. It’s scary as hell. And I really dislike the kind of dreams that wake you up, startled, because you were either falling or about to be hit by something. Or the dreams that feel so real that you wonder whether or not it really happened. I’ve waken up mad at some people because they had done something messed up in my dreams and it took me a few seconds to realize that none of it actually happened.

I often have dreams where a whole scenario will play out and everything feels like I’m in a 3-hour-long movie. But if I dislike the outcome of it, I either make a gun appear in my hand and simply kill the villain (I’ve never held a gun in real life, mind you) and wake up or my brain makes the whole damn dream repeat from the very beginning. Every moment, every detail, every dialogue is the same, except for the moment I want to fix… as if I’m rewinding time and making a slight change to it. Has this happened to anyone else?

Also, I used to have some dreams where I’d be madly in love with someone whom I knew in real life. The dream feels great and the whole situation feels normal but when I wake up, I’m very weirded out because I was never and am still not remotely attracted to those people. Then I wonder if anyone else has dreamt about me like that :thinking:

I’ve also had a lot of very vivid premonitory dreams, including personal events but also some tragic world events. I know I’m not the only one and it’s truly incredible. I wish we were able to explain it but it just feels too out of reach… for our current period, at least.


@AllyJay Thank you for the bump; I appreciate it! To be frank, I have been very busy as of late and I legitimately forgot that I created this thread. So, thank you for that. :slight_smile:

I just had a glance at my dream journal, as it’s been a while. According to it, it has been roughly three weeks since my last dream. One was about a field trip, another was about a war with a giant robot invading a futuristic city in which the citizens were attempting to save; I have no clue on what these meant to myself, but I think they meant something.

Whenever I dream, I always feel that they are set in stone for a reason. I have had very few dreams where I felt that I was in control, but even then they always felt to me that they have been plotted out, like writing a story. I suppose that is the reason why I typically take them as a message and interpret their meanings to my current state. I have also had dreams where it felt real to the point where I woke up, I thought it had happened as well. Several days ago I had a dream where I skipped a day of college and I panicked, only to realize that it was a Saturday and there were no classes. Very strange, haha.


Of course! It’s such a great thread, it would really be a shame for it to be closed. Dreams are too interesting not to be shared :blush: I’ve always been thinking of starting a dream journal but just never got around to doing it. Once I write, I can’t stop and I really, reallyyyy want to get every detail. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to write in the morning…

That sounds like some really cool dreams! Like an adventure every night, or a video game. Mine are almost always realistic, which is pretty odd for someone who likes to write as we’re kind of supposed to have vast imaginations. Dream dictionaries are very vague, I wish I knew how to interpret them. How do you do it? Do you often see yourself in your dreams or are they from a first-person perspective? Also, do you speak any other languages? If so, is there one in particular in which you dream? (Woah, alright, I gotta calm down with all the questions…)

I’m quadrilingual and I sometimes get asked in which language I dream… but I can never remember for some reason. It’s like the language doesn’t matter, my brain just understands what everyone’s (or everything’s) saying somehow…

That’s a classic. I’ve sometimes gone a full day thinking that it was a different day because of a dream. I remember going to work and setting up an activity that the kids would do every Thursday until a few kids would come up to me and ask me why we were doing that activity on a Tuesday. Then I just looked like an idiot for a few minutes putting everything away when I just took them out. It’s funny how confused and amazed kids get when they see an adult make a mistake :sweat_smile:


For me, it’s very rare that I see myself in my dream. They’re usually in first-person, but when it’s not it’s like a video game. You can feel that you’re there, but you’re not there… for example, I can see myself; at the same time, it feels like I can control myself as-well. It’s very difficult to explain, but I suppose an example could be like playing an Episode story and making choices haha.

As far as languages go, I only speak English. I do however understand Twi, which is a dialect under the Akan language - my parents native language. I could speak it if I wanted, but I always feel shy when I do haha. When I see my parents in my dreams talking to each other they’d talk in Twi rather than English, as they do in real life. Or even to me sometimes, depending on certain things. Oh, and as a side note, I think it’s impressive that you are able to know and speak that many languages! 4 seems like a lot haha, but the sky’s the limit, as some would say.

Anywho, I often hear from others that their dreams are sometimes a manifestation of a vision of their inner emotions, thoughts, and problems. I could agree on a similar level.

And so, the dream dictionaries are available to us. I know a lot of people who use them. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using them but I’m split on them for a particular reason to be honest.

While I agree that as vague as most of them most of them are, I have to admit… some of the information that they have provided have been surprisingly accurate to whatever I am dealing with in the real world. But when it comes down to the core, I feel that only we can interpret it to the purest extent, no matter the resources available to us. I feel that dream dictionaries can serve as a guidance towards interpretation, but not a final interpretation. In my opinion, there is no one who knows ourselves better than us. :slight_smile:

I suppose the difficult part is exactly that: figuring out what the dreams mean to us as an individual.

So, the way I interpret them is fairly simple. I’m sure everyone’s will be different, but for me, interpreting dreams is all about the connection to the day to day activities the roots behind it. When I’m confronted with a situation, I try to see a connection between what occurred in the dream and that particular problem. I think about the important events that occur, the objects that I stumble upon and the environment that’s being explored. For example, I had one dream where my family car was being repaired by mechanics. What was interesting was that they weren’t actually repairing it. They were damaging it further, by placing ant farms into the car and letting the car be the ants’ home. At the time, I saw this as a representation of the problem I was dealing with in real life becoming too much of an issue (which it was), and I needed to take care of quickly and effectively.

If I don’t see a connection, or I’m not dealing with any problems, then I go over what happened over the past few days. Maybe a TV show or a movie that I enjoyed recently triggered the dream. If I still don’t see a connection, then I resort to dream dictionaries as a last resort and go on from there.

Dreams are like music with lyrics. They may have a meaning, and I think only as individuals we can truly define what it is, for ourselves.


Sorry if this is off-topic –
Best quote I ever heard today. Thank you. I will put it in my diary so that I could remember what those beautiful words are and the beautiful person who wrote them :blush:


I had a weird dream today…

So, long story short, I was somewhere (idk where) and there was Penniwise from IT i front of me (if you don’t know who I’m talking about do some research.) and of course he was going to kill me. But suddenly, another Penniwise came from behing the other 1 and killed him and that keeped happening for hours and hours.

Idk if that made sense lol.