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I’m totally agree with you, each languages have something that define them. And yes, they made me feel something… It can be a little cliché but for example, Germans seem to be always angry and Italian is like a music.
I’d really like to know how does French is perceived by other😀
It’s sure that I’d travel one day, and I’m sharing your point of view about people whom just enjoy their hotel pool instead of meeting some people🙄
You’ll think that I’m crazy, but, just once in my life, I’d like to have a sleep paralysis. Just to know how it’s like… I know I’m weird :joy::joy:

Thanks for the link😉


I’m glad you’re liking my idea, after all it’s you who inspired me! :wink:
I’d like to have one of these exeperience one day…
Sleeping in class, hum? :thinking:
Ahah, kidding😂

And this topic is long because it’s amazing to speak about dreams💕


Woo, boy! -adjusts non-existent glasses- Yup, that’s indeed a long post. Don’t apologize, though, your posts are always so well-written. Besides, I love reading and writing long posts so…
-stretches fingers- Here we go.

So does that mean you wake up from realizing that you’re in a dream by seeing yourself in it? Therefore I feel I need to ask, did anyone here ever have a lucid dream? I almost always have lucid dreams… Most of the dreams I’ve talked about here are dreams I remember so well because I didn’t feel in control in them.

I’d ask you what you thought of Spanish, what happens when you speak English to your relatives when they expect you to speak to them in Twi at those cultural events, how do you deal with those feelings of nervousness when it comes to speaking a language you’re not as familiar with compared to English… I’m a very curious person, but I don’t want to stray off-topic more than I have already. It’s your thread, I feel like that would be a bit disrespectful, haha.

Definitely. Our past is what makes who we are and what we dream, just like it influences our present and future. I don’t have much to add here for now, to be honest. Except that the interpretations for our dreams are endless. After all, only we can know the true meaning of our dreams since each of us is the main character of our own separate story (yet, all those stories are connected in many ways… Like if I go on about this any longer, I’ll be straying off-topic again and the other characters in the “story” will believe I’m high (= a memory that gets stored in their brain), which indirectly connects their “story” to mine… Anyway!).

I like the thought of each of our senses having a memory of its own that sometimes merge together. Like files stored in our brain labeled sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Some senses’ memories are so difficult to tap into when you’re awake but appear so easily in your dreams. For example, I can’t remember the taste of pozole (traditional Mexican soup) very well because I haven’t tasted it in a decade and it’s hard to find the right ingredients where I live. I just know it’s delicious because of a memory of little me eating it and loving it. But after waking up from a dream in which my whole family was gathered for Christmas in Mexico and “ate” all the food, I felt like I’ve discovered the taste again. The real memory of that taste.

Speaking of senses and dreams, I’ll leave this video here :blush:


Haha, I personally don’t mind at all; I’m very easy-going and it’s easy to get carried away when you have respectable and interesting conversations with others. But, you’re right. I understand that there are rules regarding topics. If you wish to continue this, we can continue through PM I suppose. :slight_smile:

So, I just woke up from one now at the moment of typing this post ironically enough, haha. But before that happened, I had woken up earlier than I wanted from a dream before this one.

I cannot even remember what the first dream was about. I had gone back to sleep since I was too tired at the time to remember it completely. There was a lot of food and plenty of people gathering up together at an open location for an event. It looked like a desert, to be honest.

What was the most memorable was seeing Uncle Iroh and Prince Zuko from Avatar in my living room in that dream. I wasn’t even there. It was like watching the show all over again. There was a highly technologically advanced device that they found in the kitchen being used by Admiral Zhao to plot against them. Anyway, Iroh, being the wise and humble character that he was, disabled the device by pulling out the most important component. The device looked just like a SEGA Genesis gaming system, and the component looked like one of those wireless USB receivers you use to connect your wireless mouse to your PC. He said something to Zuko but then I woke up mid-way.

Even though I am a huge fan of both Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel, The Legend of Korra (I guess you already knew that from my profile. =P), I have no idea what this dream even means to me. Maybe it occurred due to that fact. I have been trying to make time to re-watch the whole series again at times of busyness, so it could be due to that as well. It was also hot in the room at the time (Zuko and Iroh = Firebenders, so maybe it had something to do with that?) It was a little bit on the strange side, however.

The morning was still very new, so I decided to go back to sleep once more. The second dream that I experienced was more lucid than the first one. I was in a hospital.

And it wasn’t just any hospital.

I had visited this hospital before in previous dreams. However, I never explored a particular part of it: the second floor. The second floor had a pure white and aqua color scheme. The dream dealt with me looking for my old pair of glasses which went missing in there. In real life, I always use them as a backup for my other glasses, or for more hands-on-work such as outside jobs.

Anyways, one of the assistants helped me search for them but with no luck. Never seen this assistant in the real world. She had black hair with reddish-purplish hair dye (almost similar to that customized character you made on that spotlight thread you made lol). So at this point, I decided to search the first floor.

I didn’t know that I was in the same hospital I visited in other dreams, so when I got to the first floor it was a surprise and exactly how I remembered it from before. There were darker colors here. More brown and dark blue opposed to the second floor.

The first floor was like a maze and I used to get lost in it in previous dreams, but I knew my way around here this time. I could feel my heart racing because I was determined to find them, but ultimately I failed to find the old pair of glasses because I heard my sister yell out my name.

I assumed it was a bug, as she is afraid of bugs and constantly asks for my help. But then I find myself awake only to discover that she never did. It’s a shame because the dream was getting good! lol. I’m having trouble interpreting both dreams. However, I can interpret the second dream much easier than the first one though. Hospitals are where people go to receive treatment. Maybe I lost the glasses because I didn’t need them anymore, and they represent something else… but I’ll have to think more about this later lol.

And I agree with what you said about the memories. It’s amazing how powerful our memories can be, especially when it comes to food, no question haha.

And great video! Tommy Edison is just very down-to-earth and awesome. I watched several of his videos before, and it’s always so interesting to hear how he experiences dreams and other things in life from his personal perspective.


If you want to know the meaning of your dream, just ask me in detail!

Some people can’t remember their dreams, and that’s completely natural!

If you can remember vague details I can help with that too!

So without further ado…

Share your dreams!


@TeamFennekinYT I know you’ve been having nightmares :wink:


Okay so a few days ago I had this dream that I was talking to all my forum friends in my kitchen. So like we were all talking and then there was a knock on my door. Once I opened the door it was my irl crush and he was smiling at me and wearing a tux with a bag of rap snacks like in a flower. And yeah I cried then hugged him.


I had this really creepy dream (the first one I’ve had in years) I can’t exactly remember the details but it was really creepy… It involved people playing this weird games with cursed or haunted dolls, and then the dolls or haunted dolls ended up “winning” the game, (or something) then this evil, spirit gave me a jump scare by coming up really close to the “camera” it had no eyes, but eye holes, no mouth, but a mouth shape… then I woke up…


I remember the in the dream the adults in the dream (I don’t think I was in it- but if I was, my character was trying to warn everyone of the haunted doll or dolls) they were all on a trip in a creepy, but somewhat beautiful kinda-run down foreign country


Ah, so, that is a happy dream!

It means you’re quite social on the forums, and get along with many people!

The crush is an omen of one of your lovers in life being kind and greeting you.


Okay, so

I hate dolls too

We’re you in the scene watching through your own eyes, or watching over the scene?


Also, they were more like older teens, not quite adults, they were seriously like cliche people in those horror movies. “Yeah, let’s go into the dark, creepy room with all the skeletons!”


Kinda both, it kept changing perspective. Mostly watching over the scene


I had something similar once and I can remember it so clearly like I was in my sisters room and they were stuffing their dolls in the oven. Then I was like stop they’ll hurt us, but they didn’t listen soo they kept doing it and once their room was clean their eyes started to glow red and the dolls were running after us. Me and my sister, M, ran the fastest and our other sister, J, was too slow and they ate her. But once we slowly got downstairs our parents were sitting in an all white living room with all white clothes. Then we were screaming for help and they just laughed and looked back at the paper. Then they jumped on M and I started to cry while running down the stairs and the stairs kept getting longer.


:joy: no lie there I love talking on here, and wait…an omen can you explain more? Like I never had such a sweet dream about a crush before.


I did a study on dreams, dreams reflect something that actually happened in your life, your brain is just kinda reviewing it, but putting different pieces together from different days and making it into a movie in your mind.


Hmmmmmmmmm I see…ugh I need answers so much this crush is way different.


The stair things often happen in bad dreams, often times when somethings chasing you, you either can’t move in some sort of way or you just keep getting chased. I believe my dream was more of a night terror


Hmmmm I see whatcha mean it was all so weird


I think you were on the forums a lot before the dream, and maybe there was a point in your day relating to your crush and food…