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The Dream Interpretation Thread

Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional, :sweat_smile:, but I have done a year’s worth of research into dreams, and see both the logic, and symbolism that dreams carry.

I will read/interpret your dreams, but after that, it is up to you to decide what they truly mean.

Comment below any dreams you want interpreted!


Uh… I had this dream last night where my neighbor and I were walking home from school and I had this bag of chips in my hand…
Anyway, he raced ahead of me, so I followed but when I got to the gate of the house he wasn’t there anymore so I thought he went in already.
But then I realized that the gate wasn’t the right gate but after running around trying to find the right one, I couldn’t find it.
And then my bag of chips dropped from my hand and I woke up.

Crazy dream…


Okay… Since this is a little vauge i have to ask you some questions…

Do you really know your neighbor… Is he a close friend? Or someone you don’t really know?


Really close friend

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Ok, so what I interpreted was this:

The chip bag represents friendship/trust and in the beginning of the dream, you were walking alongside a friend, now, this close neighbor doesn’t have to be your “neighbor”, but could just represent another friend to your brain, or a close friend you once had. When that person runs off, they go through a gate, to somewhere that was out of bounds to you, maybe this could be a once close friend going into a different friend group, or ignoring you, but this betrayed your trust and friendship, and the chips representing the friendship and trust, were dropped.


That makes sense actually…thanks!


Dreams usually play out actual experiences we’ve had, so next time you have a dream like this, look back a few weeks, or a week, and try to find any hidden clues or meaning.


Okay I will


Okay, so my little sister and I were in a big apartment building in a very what I assume was a big city because of the skyscrapers around. (i don’t live in a big city) But anyways, she started to cry out my name and I looked up and she was on the top of something by a glass window. I went to go get her and by the time I got to her, something came out of nowhere and exploded, then I woke up.


I have had dreams before containing messages, one dream tried to tell me that a robber was trying to get into my neighbors house… But what I’ve noticed with these dreams is that they don’t seem like your usual dreams, they seem extremely different and strange… But most of the time I like to think about what the dreams probably meant for you and your brain…


(Usually dream interpretation takes a little while but I think I have something already, if it changes I’ll let you know)

I’m unsure what the big skyscrapers signify… But I do know that they signify something, especially since your brain conjured them and you don’t even live in a big city.

You have a close connection with your sister, I’m just gonna take a stab at it and say that the skyscrapers represent the bond you have with your sister. When she was one top of something by the window that meant that she was out of reach for you… I think that the glass window might represent her transitioning to something, and the explosion adds to the fear. Is your sister younger than you? Because I think the dream means that you’re afraid of your sister transitioning “out”, because she was by a glass window, right next to the skyscrapers, which also might represent the “bigger” world, and you don’t notice her growing up, essentially, and when you do, chaos ensues…

That’s what I got for now! These are all my ideas, but if I get a better interpretation tomorrow I’ll let you know!

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Yeah, she is younger. This actually makes sense.

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Okay I have a dream I need help interpreting, but I’d rather pm it because it’s sorta embarrassing :sweat_smile:


I had another dream…
So I was in a school and I was hanging out with my crush, and then a student attacked us.
The student looked like a zombie.
So then we realised that the entire school was turned into zombies, and we ran away.
Then we cam to the end of the road like, 10 miles away from the school, and we saw this city, and there was a chief elder that was supposed to give us a home in the city, but instead he said that our home in the city would be the school, which wasn’t even in the city. he threw us out and I woke up.

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Zombies could represent a lot of different things… So of course, I wasn’t sure what meaning this would represent, and I scrolled through online until I found a meaning I agreed with.
"Zombies are all the things that will not lie down and die, the truth we cannot repress, the thing that will rise up until it overwhelms us all."

However, I have done read a lot into dreams, and dreams will take from your everyday life and thoughts, and represent it a different way.

So, if you’ve recently been watching zombie movies, or thought heavily about zombies, this may be why there are zombies in your dream, but if not, then the zombies themselves probably represent the truth that we cannot repress, as said above.

Which, basically means truths that we cannot tie down, keep under check, or keep under control.

Which brings me to say that the zombies in your dream probably represent a lack of control.
So, if you haven’t been thinking of zombies, or watching zombie movies, or playing zombie games, there was probably a time in your week when you felt like you had a lack of control.

The chief elder probably represents someone who presents themselves a certain way but is another entirely. Like, when we perceive someone as kind, funny, and smart, but in reality, they are evil, boring, and stupid. The opposite of our expectations. A chief elder is supposed to be full of wisdom, he’s supposed to be a leader, but instead, he was almost the opposite of your expectations.

Or, someone that you see as a wise, caring figure, betraying you and abandoning you.
This might’ve been a really good friend, who might’ve abandoned you in a time of need, not been there when you needed them.

This dream is probably trying to reflect/understand a time when you lost control because of a situation where someone betrayed your trust, possibly a close friend, or even a mentor.

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