Dream school: rp (signups and general chat here!)


Congrats! You’ve been accepted into Minoa high school! This is the school of everyone’s dreams, both literally and figuratively. You probably have some questions, like why you’ve been accepted here. You are one of the top dream gamers in the country. To game, you need an exspensive earpiece that connects to your brain, making you lucid dream with others.

What is Dream Gaming? Dream gaming is the usage of an earpiece connecting to your brain that makes you lucid dream while sleeping. This earpiece also connects your dreams to other people’s, or a “main server” where you can play many games or create your own games.

What are the subjects in school? Some of the subjects are gaming, history, and dream science. Tell me on this thread if you think of more!

What are some of the dream games we can play? You can play games like a first-person version of call of duty (or shooting games in general), many puzzle games, some dueling games using swords and other weapons, and more. Comment some games you think would be good! Also, none of the games are Role played unless part of a big event or most of the people are playing that game at that particular time.

To sign up, you need to tell me your name, age and whether you’re a teacher (please make the age appropriate), personality, likes, dislikes, and looks. If you want to make a faceclaim, just post your episode character here, but you don’t have to.

If you have any questions, just comment on this thread! Thanks!


Hi Reese and welcome to the RP/SG section ^-^

We’re glad to have you with our lil cult- I mean family.

When creating an RP, we recommend you do a signup form- this doesn’t necessarily have to be a google form, but at the very least a basic layout to show RPers exactly what they need and to keep their signups organized, something like this (but some of them are optional and up to you based on the nature of the RP)-

Faceclaim (specifying if you want links, celeb names, descriptions of the character, anime, or another type of FC or if there’s a type you don’t want is useful with some RPs):
Other (this is for things like tattoos, piercings, etc.):
Anything else:

Also, for future reference, we recommend using theNew Ideas Thread to post new RP ideas before creating signups for RPs so you can gauge interest before going through the prep work required for an RP.

Once again, welcome to the RP/SG section! If you have any questions about how things work or want idea feedback or anything, feel free to consult this handy guide or ask me or any other active RPer anything anytime ^-^

ROLEPLAY: The Secret of our town

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I don’t think so. @Ryan or @Jeremy can you close this thread?