Dreams Art Group Sign Up!

Hello everyone! Just letting people know, that everyone who has so far signed up has been accepted into the group! Tomorrow I will make a group chat, the thread and explain everything we will be doing as an art group.
We also still have one more spot on the team, so someone new may be coming soon.


@KatieI here is mine : )

  1. Username - @turtlelover1025

  2. Art Types - Covers, Splashes, PFP’s, Character Sheets, art scenes, banners- Edited+Drawn LL, Edited+Drawn INK ; Style-Episode/ Cartoonic

  3. Examples -


image image image

  1. LL/ink - I can do both, but I mostly do LL

All of your guys Artwork is AMAZING!! And the backgrounds are so fricking cool! When your shop does open please make sure you tell me, I’d like to be the first person to make a request :heart:


Thank you for signing up :smiley: sorry I didn’t see your signup sooner :joy:
I have decided to accept you into the group and will add you to the group chat shortly, as our final member! Congrats! @turtlelover1025

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ayyy thanks! glad you like it :revolving_hearts: