Dreamy Art Shop [open]

:cherry_blossom:Dreamy Art Shop [open] :cherry_blossom:

Hi there! Welcome to my Art shop, In here I do character cards, splashes, art covers and also make LL/INK characters if you need any.

When requesting enter the password Dreamy and then fill out the form listed below

Form :page_facing_up:

Character cards
  • Any specific background?
  • Character details
  • Character pose
  • Any extra details?
  • Password
  • Any specific background?
  • What do you want the text to be?
  • What color is the text?
  • Any characters?
  • Any extra details?
  • Password
Art Cover
  • Number of characters present
  • Character details
  • Character poses
  • Title of the story
  • Any specific font and color?
  • Name of the author if needed
  • Small or large cover or both
  • Background
  • The genre of the story
  • Any extra details?
  • Password
Extra characters
  • Character style
  • Gender
  • Background or Side character
  • Outfits - Yes/No, number of outfits
  • Character - Yes/No, number of characters
  • What type of style do you want the character/outfit to be?
  • Any color themes?
  • Extra features for outfits?
  • Extra features for characters?
  • Any other details?
  • Password

Also when filling out the form let me know when you want the requested thing to be done

For examples, you can check my Instagram even though they aren’t much of an example sorry

Don’t forget to credit me @Nicolette_episode {Instagram account}
Thank you for taking your time in reading this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Um do u have any examples?


Just give me a second please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You can check out my Instagram for some examples,Sorry :pensive:

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Character muses.

She’s the female Mc, she’s independent, isn’t afraid to speak up, is a photographer, she’s Afro-French, likes to see other people happy and doesn’t like the word “no” and she gets hotheaded quickly

Male Love Interest, he’s a playboy, doesn’t do relationships, football star, he’s cocky and thinks all the girls will fall down to their knees just by hearing his voice, loves to throw party’s, loves the attention girl give him, also drives a sports car

Female Best-friend, she’s a model, loves to party and have a great time, always in the mood to go out and do something, will call her “daddy” if something goes wrong,

Female Best-friend 2, is a police officer, loves kids, doesn’t like to dress girly, loves to cook, always has a angry face on, doesn’t play my the rules even tho she’s a police officer

Male Love Interest Best-friend, always a star football player, falls in love fast, won’t take no as an answer, loves to do boxing in his spare time, is a mama’s boy, Drives a sports car

Male Love Interest Best-friend 2, always a star football player, always has two or more girl with him at a time, doesn’t settle down fast, keeps to himself about his feelings, is adopted and he drives a sports car

Password: Dreamy

I would like to request 3 splashes

  • Any specific background? Either a mansion or anything fantasy-ish

  • What do you want the text to be? The first one should be about mature content and swearing the second should be about sound and the last should be specifically This book is just fiction don’t take anything we say personally

*What color is the text? The first should be black second should be red and the last should be white

  • Any characters? No thank you

  • Any extra details? I would like to font to be cursive but not too cursive then childish but not too childish Lol does that even make sense?

  • Password Dreamy

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I will make it as soon as I can, thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I should be the one thanking you so thank you

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If I’m bothering you you don’t have to do this but I would love to request a character card both INK an LL in one card please

  • Any specific background? Something related to the milky way

  • Character details I’m too lazy to type it so here you go

  • Character pose nothing specific anyone of your choice

  • Any extra details? Names used for stories is Astra and my ig is @starg_azer12345

  • Password Dreamy

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Oh, you aren’t bothering me I can do it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey! I would love to request an Art cover :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Number of characters present: 2, a female and male both LL
  • Character details: You can make your own characters, It won’t cause a lot of trouble. But I do want him to be wearing a football outfit and her something comfy :sparkling_heart:
  • Character poses: I want them to be kissing, nothing that special
  • Title of the story: Chase Away The Chaser
  • Any specific font and color?: No specific font, but for color I want white and red
  • Name of the author if needed: Jaslene Rivera
  • Small or large cover or both: Both if possible, but if not then a small cover
  • Background: A football stadium if you can’t do that then a mansion
  • The genre of the story: Romance
  • Any extra details?: Can she have a nose piercing and can he have an eyebrow piercing
  • Password Dreamy
    Also no need to rush, I will be starting this story in like 1 or 2 months
    :sparkling_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey lovely!! I wish to have an art cover done if you don’t mind :slight_smile: :relaxed:
*2 characters present, male and female

*Character details

~Nikita (female)~

•skin & body - female athletic, gold 06

•brow - arched natural, black dark

•hair - long voluminous curls loose OR long curl half updo (you can choose), dark black

•eyes - deepset downturned, hazel

•face - square defined

•nose - round button upturned

•mouth - full round pouty, Copper Deep Gloss

•tattoos - butterfly forearm tattoo, sound wave tattoo

•outfit - nothing too specific!! just her in something cute and kind of pastel if that makes sense

~ Ace (male)~

•skin & body - male athletic body, neutral 04

•brows - arched medium, dark brown

•hair - medium side curls, dirty blonde

•eyes - narrow almond deep smiling, brown pale

•face - chiseled square stubble shaved

•nose - straight pointed

•mouth - medium heart, Neutral Medium Nude Matte

•tattoos- lace forearm tattoo, floral thigh tattoo

•outfit - nothing too specific, if you want you can just do a white shirt and ripped jeans (he’s in a band if that gives you inspiration lol)

*if you have an instagram i can dm u pose references if you like :slight_smile:

*story title: “back of my heart”

*maybe cursive or calligraphy for a font, i don’t have a preference on color!

  • the author name is “Anzleigh”

  • small and large cover please (are they going to be the same artwork or different?)

  • for the background on the large cover (if they’re different pictures) can you do a blurred out stage and on the small cover just a blurred grey background

  • romance

  • from the beginning of the story the two have a pretty strong connection, so i think the most important thing is that is able to be captured!

  • I can also send u pictures of the character on instagram! it isn’t letting me attach pictures in forums :confused:

  • password: dreamy


Hi :grin: i seen you make covers and i just wanted to see if you were up for making a couple 3 at most for me if not its totally fine and you will definitely get full credit for your amazing work you can just reply on here if so i can give details if you want to do them for me

I am requesting a art cover for my new story
Number of characters present = 2
Character details Story type: Limelight
Description female : Body= Female Atheletic
Skin tone= Neutral 3
Brow= Arched natural
Hairstyle = Long wavy down princess braid
Hair colour= Black
Eye shape = Deepset false lashes smokey eyes
Eye colour = Green Emerald
Face shape = Diamond defined contour
Nose shape = Defined natural
Lip shape = Full Round Pouty
Lip colour = Red deep matte

Description Male: Body = Male Atheletic
Brow = Arched medium
Skin tone = Copper 4
Hair = Slicked back side shaved tousled
Hair colour = Black
Eye shape = Deepset downturned lidded
Eye colour = Hazel
Face shape = Chiseled angular
Nose shape = Hooked grecian
Lip shape = Full heart neutral
Lip colour = Biege deep neutral

Character poses : Anything of your choice but let it be steamy
Title : Unknown to me
Colour ; Of your choice
Covers : Both
Author : Mel
Background : Anything of your choice
GENRE : Romance and action
Extra details: None
password : Dreamy
Sorry to bother you . Thank you so much
And may pls be it free

I know I may be late and I don’t know if you’re open still but I was wondering if you could make me an art cover. Limelight please. The name of the story is His Ego and Her Advance.
It’s a Romance. Dreamy

It will include 2 characters a girl and a boy.
Their names are Nathalia and Diego.



You don’t HAVE to inclue their tattoos.

The background is black. Thank you

Diego would be in the back grabbing onto Nathalia’s waist and smirking, facing the forward. Nathalia is infront of Diego, blushing and looking at him and holding the hand that’s on her waist. Since Nathalia is shorter please make her up to Diego’s shoulder

I don’t need any words on the cover because i’d like it to be an overlay which I can do myself. And the size is small. Thank You!