Dressing Code How?

How can i dress my ink characters wearing a limelight clothes??
Like. My characters is a ink style. But i want to wear them a limelight clothes… how can i?

It’s not possible, sorry. There are some clothes that are made in both styles though

Not really. Cause i read some stories that it’s in ink style but they can wear a limelight clothes… they have a trick in their tho?

What type of clothing?

What stories have you seen it in? It could just be the clothes that are made in both styles?

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although, I don’t know if this still works

Okay… i’ll try it. Thanks By The Way.:kissing_heart::blush:

The step 6 can’t work… still limelight characters were appearing… maybe it can’t change…?

There is just no way to do it.
The stories you saw with Ink characters wearing LL clothes were probably made my featured authors, they get special things us small authors don’t.