Dressing Game code help

I’m new to the whole Episode story creation and I need someone to help me understand how to do the dressing game code. I’ve tried watching videos and reading up on some stuff here but I’m still not understanding it. Can someone please help me out with this code and remembering the outfit picked?

Take a look at this (:

Thanks for the additional information, but I’m still kind of confused.

On which part?

Pretty much the whole thing. My main issue is going back to the first choice. I don’t really understand what the label thing is at the beginning.

The label is used as a “reference” for when you want to go back to a certain part of the story using the “goto” command

ooooh okay. And the game remembers what choice the reader makes on its own?

The game remembers it until you want to change into a different outfit but say you have a flashback or you want to use the outfit again at some point (maybe you bought it at the mall and need to use it for a party or something), then you use the if/elif/else commands

Oh, okay. Thank you so much! I feel kinda dumb now that was such an easy explanation lol

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No worries at all! Don’t worry, I was confused at first too, it’s always a bit confusing in the beginning xD

I feel like for the most part I’ve been able to get everything pretty well, its just theres always a bit of confusion for some of the choices for me, like the if/elif/else commands.

Ah, I see! You’ll get the hang of it though (:

Practice makes perfect. Thank you for the help!

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