Dressing game don't work


Whyyyyyy it giving me errors!? what did I do wrong? I do dressing games all the time!!
can someone help?


What does the errors say?


its giving me an error on the label. whats wrong?



What does it say exactly?


Can I see the end of the dressing game?




Erase the last bracket


Have it before “goto choosing_dress”


you mean like-
goto choosing_dress


No, it must be there I think. Aaah, this is soo annoying. It looks just fine


I too have a question about the dressing game… is it okay if I ask?


aaahh it always working for me, I think it’s a bug or someting I really don’t know… it’s upseting! :frowning:(
and sure @Grace_Stars ! you can ask enything lol


Oh, well in my story, when I get them to change into the outfit, it comes up with the error that the outfit doesn’t exist. I’ve been trying to fix it but it keeps popping up!!


It has to be very exact. You can’t like have a space after, and give attention to the letters, if it’s capital or small.


@oritu611 Has it worked yet?


no, I don’t know what to do it’s so annoying… I looked on my previous dressing games and they are just like that one, so why it’s not working? :frowning:


Can you copy and send it here. I’ll try it in my script.


I can change the character and the outfits


label choosing_dress

    ALISON (think)
(What I'd like to wear tonight?)

“The good girl.”{
@ALISON is dustoff_loop
@ALISON changes into ALISON_clubbing1
@ALISON is primp
@pause for a beat
“All eyes on me.”{
@ALISON is dustoff_loop
@ALISON changes into ALISON_clubbing2
@ALISON is primp
@pause for a beat

    ALISON (talk_think)
Well? what do you think?

“This one.”{
KIM (talk_preen)
Girl, you’re on fire. Taylor will be all over you tonight.
“In one word- NO.”{
KIM (talk_shrug)
Let’s see the other one.

goto choosing_dress