Dressing game don't work

Whyyyyyy it giving me errors!? what did I do wrong? I do dressing games all the time!!
can someone help?

its giving me an error on the label. whats wrong?


you mean like-
goto choosing_dress

I too have a question about the dressing game… is it okay if I ask?

aaahh it always working for me, I think it’s a bug or someting I really don’t know… it’s upseting! :frowning:(
and sure @Grace_Stars ! you can ask enything lol

Oh, well in my story, when I get them to change into the outfit, it comes up with the error that the outfit doesn’t exist. I’ve been trying to fix it but it keeps popping up!!

no, I don’t know what to do it’s so annoying… I looked on my previous dressing games and they are just like that one, so why it’s not working? :frowning:

label choosing_dress

    ALISON (think)
(What I'd like to wear tonight?)

“The good girl.”{
@ALISON is dustoff_loop
@ALISON changes into ALISON_clubbing1
@ALISON is primp
@pause for a beat
“All eyes on me.”{
@ALISON is dustoff_loop
@ALISON changes into ALISON_clubbing2
@ALISON is primp
@pause for a beat

    ALISON (talk_think)
Well? what do you think?

“This one.”{
KIM (talk_preen)
Girl, you’re on fire. Taylor will be all over you tonight.
“In one word- NO.”{
KIM (talk_shrug)
Let’s see the other one.

goto choosing_dress



I didn’t understand exactly what you mean’t…

thank you! :heart:

Have you created that outfit or not that you are changing into…

It’s the default outfit, so technically it has been created, right?

auugsovjonsdjfvnodsnvo It’s so annoying :sweat_smile:
I hope it will work soon… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
thank you @Melody.LE :heart:

Oh… I get it the code for changing is-
@CHAR changes into READER_default…
Just remove outfit from the between and it will work…

It even came up automatically when typing it, so I can’t have gotten it wrong. Plus, I can preview the outfit but it doesn’t seem to work if I want to change into it and keep it on.

That’s what I told her…

It works now! Thank you! :grin:

I’m goona try it, just one minutes

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