Dressing game don't work


What’s before the label are there if/else command choices??

    ALISON (talk_shrug)
Can you help me choose what to where?

    KIM (talk_happy_smile)
Sure, you're a fashion disaster, we don't want Taylor to run away.

    ALISON (talk_happy_agree)
OMG, you almost made me laugh.

    KIM (talk_apathetic)
I'm a comedian, I always knew.

    KIM (talk_arms_crossed)
So what's your choices?

label choosing_dress

ALISON (think)
(What I’d like to wear tonight?)
“The good girl.”{
@ALISON is dustoff_loop
@ALISON changes into ALISON_clubbing1
@ALISON is primp
@pause for a beat
“All eyes on me.”{
@ALISON is dustoff_loop
@ALISON changes into ALISON_clubbing2
@ALISON is primp
@pause for a beat

ALISON (talk_think)
Well? what do you think?
“This one.”{
KIM (talk_preen)
Girl, you’re on fire. Taylor will be all over you tonight.
“In one word- NO.”{
KIM (talk_shrug)
Let’s see the other one.

goto choosing_dress


I wrote this, just a normal dialog, I really don’t understands what’s wrong


Are there any if/else commands in your chapter??


it’s says-
you cannot have a label inside if\then statements or {}
The label chooseing_dress does not exist

honestly I’m not an american and english is not my first language, so I really don’t know that that’s mean lol


what thats mean***


It means that you have used if/else commands and have forget to close the bracket to end the command and that’s why your label isn’t working…
So have you used these choices??


The only choices I made is that my main character got a text and choose to who to answer, and that choice is matter. (like, I’m writing two big scences in one chapter, is it because of that?)


So have you used if/else to show the outcome anywhere??


omg I don’t know what if\else means XD
can you give me an example?


if (Option is “yes”){

But if you don’t know then you haven’t used it…


At least you guys know how to make choices! I don’t know a single thing! I don’t even know how to go to the next scene of the same background


You just have to pan to a different zone…
The command for that is-
@pan to zone #


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: thanks


Have you published any stories?


Working on one…


Ok :slight_smile: