Dressing game Error created from templet

You’re missing a closing bracket for the choice “Something flirty”

Can u show me exactly what u mean not understanding i tried this still nothing

You’re brackets are all there and the choices are fine. You need to fix your gain names.

Gain names fixed but still saying smae thing bout my choices

Remove that bracket that you added on that line. That shouldn’t be there.


The one you added right before “Something flirty”

Everytime i fix one thing theres another problem :unamused:

You need some dialogue before the word choice.

Your original code (the photo you posted in the original post) was correct. The only thing you needed to fix was the gain names. You didn’t need to add a bracket or remove a choice or anything else anyone told you to fix.

You didn’t have a closing bracket here.

(Going off the original photo)
The closing bracket for that option is on line 170.
All brackets in that template are correct.

Well idk what’s going on guys the error won’t go away still i been at since last night toke a break and came bck not sure whts going on

Starting to get overwhelmed

What did you change since the original photo you posted? I noticed that every time you post a new photo you keep adding or removing something from the template. The only thing you needed to do in the original photo was fix the gain names. If you can’t figure out how to go back to the exact same code you had in the original photo then it would be best to delete the template and add it in again starting over.

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