Dressing game failing :(

I used a Dara Amarie template to do a outfit change.
When previewing I used the choice of the 1st dress, but later in the story when she gets changed she got changed into the 2nd dress.
Can someone please help me?

Dressing Game

label dressing_game_1

    ASHLEY (think_rubchin)
(What should I wear?)

choice (MONTYS_1)
“Option 1” {
@ASHLEY changes into MONTYS_1
ASHLEY (talk_think_neutral)
What do I think?

} “Option 2” {
@ASHLEY changes into MONTYS_2
ASHLEY (talk_think_neutral)
What do I think?

} “Option 3” {
@ASHLEY changes into MONTYS_3
ASHLEY (talk_think_neutral)
What do I think?

    ASHLEY (talk_think_neutral)
Do I want to wear this one?

“It’s perfect!” {
@ASHLEY is dustoff_neutral_loop

} “No, I want to try on the others!” {
goto dressing_game_1

Later, Changing into It

@ASHLEY is idle
(Time to get changed.)

if (MONTYS_1 is “Option 1”) {
@ASHLEY changes into MONTYS_1

} elif (MONTYS_! is “Option 2”) {
@ASHLEY changes into MONTYS_2

} else {
@ASHLEY changes into MONTYS_3

    ASHLEY (blush_shy)
(This is so cute!)
(I hope Izaak likes it.)
(Time to go!)

I appreciate anyone who could help me <3

are you previewing on the portal or app? the portal doesnt remember choices


ohhh yeah i was previewing on the portal
I was just wondering because it remembered my cc choices when i was testing it out
I currently cant get the app :frowning:

The portal does remember choices but when you tested it more than once it remembers all the outfits you chose. So you’d have to reset the gains via “Story Modifiers” → “Flags” and then you have to un-select the other outfits :slight_smile:


so i got to the flags thing and then wdym? what should i do after that?
Do i select it in my script?

This may be causing problems… You have ! instead of 1

I don’t know if this is related to the issue since you said you are having problems with the first dress, but it may cause further problems for people who chooses the second dress.

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OMG i never noticed let me check and get back to you!

It didn’t work now it goes to the first outfit even when I chose the second one but its okay im going to get the app somehow :slight_smile:



Un-select other gains so that only the one remains you want to see:


Cllick “Preview” again. It should work now :slight_smile:

The thing is she’s not using gains, she is using the choice naming method!

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That’s strange… I tested it out and it worked fine. Do you have any warning? Are you setting the if/elif/else in the same chapter as the choice?

Yes I am using it in the same chapter but 162 lines apart.
Should it be further apart?
And there are no warnings or anything.

No, you can even have the if/elif/else after the choice and it should still work…

This is really tricky, lol. I don’t know what could be wrong since it should work :grimacing:

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If you drop the link of your story… we could test it out on the app for you. Because it should be working.

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