Dressing Game help for limelight

I don’t know what’s wrong but if you can help that would be wonderful. It says you cannot have a label inside if/then statements or {}. It also says the label “dressing_game_” does not exist.

in outfit two you have a space between YOU and your dialogue

I deleted the space and it’s still error. Thanks for replying though

yeah there’s a space for all of them I didn’t see it earlier

I put them all close together and it still didn’t work.

put a space between the label and YOU, and if the dressing game is inside an if/slid/else statement it just won’t work

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I put a space between they and It didn’t work but I don’t really fully understand the if/slid/else statement. I uploaded a pic of the script. I was researching why thats happening and I seen someone say character customization was the reason but I don’t know.

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