Dressing game help please

I basically need to know if the tappable game works if you test it through preview because that’s what I tried to do but it wasn’t working. There’s also pictures I’ve taken with more questions.
If anyone can help and if that made any sense, I appreciate any help <3

Did you upload the overlays using the same names as the tappables? Spelled the same way?


Can you send your entire script? You should not change the ui in the template, those are real commands. I believe part of the error falls in your choice of name for the overlays, but seeing your entire script with the game would be helpful.

I think I realize the issue. Since you named your arrow overlays differently, you need to edit the names in the tappable choice as well. You were supposed to name them exactly as Dara did, but if you didn’t then you needed to change all of the overlay names to yours.


I figured it out now, thank you!! :heart:

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Thank you :heart:

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