Dressing Game Help!

hey there ! can someone please help me with the dressing game in my script down below ? whenever i click on an outfit choice, the character doesn’t change to the coordinated outfit & i would really appreciate it if you could find out why :’)

label dressing_game_1

    SHEA (think)
What should I wear to work?

“miss steal yo man” {
@SHEA changes into SHEA_default AND SHEA does it while dustoff_loop

} “cherry bomb” {
@SHEA changes into SHEA_cherrybomb AND SHEA does it while dustoff_loop

} “camo & black” {
@SHEA changes into SHEA_camo AND SHEA does it while dustoff_loop

    SHEA (strike_a_pose)
Wear or tear?

“chief called, he said this is it” {

} “this ain’t it, chief” {
goto dressing_game_1

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I believe the changing command has to be separate from the animation command.

@shea changes into SHEA_default
@Shea is dustoff_loop

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thank you sm <3

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Np :blush:

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks all! :smiley: