Dressing game INSIDE a separate if/elif/else choice

Hey guys,

So I’m pretty new to the if/elif/else thing but I thought I was getting the hang of it. So in my previous chapter I have a choice to go somewhere with a character or not. Now in this chapter I want to remember if they went or not and if they did, they get extra clothing options in the dressing game. But! I keep getting an error saying “you cannot have a label inside an if/elif/else.” How do I remember what the reader chose and give them the extra clothing options at the same time!? Help!

Hey! Thanks but that’s what I used? It’s still saying the same error :[

If you have labels inside your choices, it won’t work. Make sure you don’t have labels inside choices.

You can’t have a label inside of a choice or an if/elif/else statement. Use a goto that leads out of the if/elif/else to the label outside (they share the same name) and then don’t forget to merge back to the main storyline.

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