Dressing Game Template Problem

Hi guys! I’ve asked a lot of questions here, but I have a new one now:

I’m using a @Dara.Amarie template (the dressing game with arrows), and while I followed the instructions on her site, I’m having an issue now.

I changed the outfit names to the ones I want but whenever I want to preview it, this is what I get:

Am I missing something, or how do I fix this to make sure everything comes out smoothly? Thank you!


I don’t think you should put the “MiaGoingOut” thing. The code @CHARACTER changes into outfit is enough. So try removing “MiaGoingOut” as that line doesn’t follow formating

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lines 271, 285 and 299 are supposed to have a # at the beginning - you can simply delete them

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I will also tag @Dark_Clover21 in this, but this is how I have it now:

(I have to download one more overlay so I’m fixing that soon), but this is how I have it currently. Not sure if this is how it’s supposed to be. I apologize for not getting it right the first time, the template just kind of confused me for a moment.

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Did you name the overlay as it is in the script (In default it’s called choose in the script)?

yes! if you still don’t have the overlays then it’s alright having that error

Not yet, I will though. I just wanted to make sure everything else besides that was good

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Okay perfect! I just was confused on like, the instructions for the template saying to replace the hashtags where it says “Change Outfit Name” in between them, and changed it to the actual outfit name :joy: But thank you and thank you, @Dark_Clover21 ! :black_heart:


Hehe anytime :grin: