Dressing game won’t work..help please

Hi, I’m trying to create a dressing game and I followed along to Rose Writes tutorial and did exactly what she said, but it’s not working. The issue is my continue1 label, where I want the story to continue after a choice has been made.

What am I doing wrong?


I might be wrong but delete lines 4599 and 4606 you don’t need those . Lmk if this works

Also welcome to the community!!

So the story will just continue on as normal after a choice is made without a continue label? It is no longer giving me an error message since I removed what you said but I just want to be sure that I’m it’s set up right without it! Thank you so much

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Yes it should continue normally now .I would suggest trying it out just to be sure

Okay thank you so much you’re amazingggg

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