Dressing into outfits

so i change into outfits before the scene is about to begin, but when I preview and save to the start of the episode is doesn’t keep with the outfit I put before that scene

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You changed outfits during the scene?
Can you send photo of your script?

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do you do it in every scene it cuts to.

If I’m not wrong you put the code before that scene started so when you save and preview it and go to that scene, they won’t have that outfit because it was before the scene. If you want it to show you will have to run the before scene to that next scene to see them change outfits. In my opinion I change my character outfits in the start of the scene like this.

@CHARACTER changes into Outfit_name

This will work better. I think this is what you were asking about since reading it had me confused for a bit :sweat_smile:

yeah thats what i was suppose to say but my word got all jumble up. thnx :):slight_smile:

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