Do you guys have any idea on how I can show manikins with dresses on as choices for the readers to choose from ?

For example , The scene takes place in a clothing store and there are 3 manikins with a dress on, that readers have to choose one of , for the main character to wear ,how do I do that ?

Yes there is a template on episode life so I recommend just using that. (I haven’t used it so it might need a few changes if it isn’t completely up to date) http://www.episodelife.com/2017/03/mannequin-dressing-game-script-template.html

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It’s in INK so if your story is limelight you’ll need to change the animations but I think that’s the only thing you should have to change.

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I love that template (the one that was linked), I modified it to include tappable arrows here: Using Tappable Overlays in a Mannequin Template 💙 if you’re interested in checking it out :blob_sun:

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