Dripping mascara

Can anyone tell me that how is this story-DRIPPING MASCARA?I feel like this is going to be good but I want to know how is it actually though…


Ooh, first off let me say that DM is one of my all time favorite stories in general and that @GenevieveM did an excellent job with this story.
Personally I recommend it, despite the fact it’s in classic and quite long. I feel like I’m due to go back and finish one of my rereads soon. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I actually love love long stories but I just want to know if it’s not like every other story involving mafia, stupidity and cliche…and also after reading the description of the story I feel like it’s involving something like fantasy??If yes,then I will love it…bcz I love fantasy

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As far as I remember there is no mafia involved, but yes magical/fantasy elements are involved.

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It’s very good especially the more you read.

And it’s not cliche at all. There’s alot of narration.

And the magick and fantasy elements are really well done and plotted.

I think she’s making it in limelight too