Driving/Color Car Help

So I want to figure out if your character is driving a car and you want them to pull up in a scene (like if you want to make them look like they are pulling up to a place or about to park) or drive off from a scene, (driving away) how do you do it? I have struggles with that.

Also I noticed in certain stories I read that writers have other colored cars like red, black, green, etc. How can I have those colors as well?

Thanks !

Cars are overlays. Here’s a guide by the amazing @Dara.Amarie that deals with animating overlays

DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

And as for the different cars, those are overlays people uploaded to their account. Here’s a post of mine that has some links to a couple of linktrees that contain overlays:

They are custom overlays that they upload. Smg.episode has a good ton of car overlays I can get you the link if you want.

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