Driving speed issues?

Hi everyone, I am having issues with a car overlay exiting a scene. Below is the scipt for the scene in question and my problem is that the car and the character of Caitlin do not leave the scene at the same speed, I’ve tried it many different ways but I can’t figure it out. I want it to look as though Caitlin is driving out of the scene so if you can help me that would be great, thank you :slight_smile: xx

EXT. BRUNSWICK HOME - DAY with CAR ANGLE BROWN to 0.746 -336 -10 in zone 2 at layer 2
@CAITLIN spot 0.441 185 252 in zone 2 AND CAITLIN faces right AND CAITLIN is cry_sniff_sad_loop AND RUTH spot 0.441 222 252 in zone 2 AND RUTH faces left AND RUTH moves to layer 1 AND CAITLIN moves to layer 1
@pan to zone 3 in 3
@pan to zone 2
@zoom on 537 176 to 393% in 3

    CAITLIN (talk_sad_serious_loop)
What am I gonna do mom?

    CAITLIN (talk_sad)
I can't go to a friend's house, he'll find out.

@RUTH is think_rubchin
@pause for a beat

    RUTH (talk_neutral)
Go to your Aunt Victoria, its a long drive but you can stop on the way.

    RUTH (talk_reassure_neutral)
She will keep you safe

    CAITLIN (talk_sad_timid_loop)
I love you mom

    RUTH (talk_smile_happy_loop)
I love you too, come here baby

@CAITLIN walks to spot 0.441 198 252 in 1.5
@CAITLIN faces left AND CAITLIN is hug_neutral_rear AND RUTH is hug_neutral
@pause for a beat
@CAITLIN walks to spot 0.441 185 252 in 1.5 AND RUTH is idle
@CAITLIN faces right AND CAITLIN is idle_sad_loop

    RUTH (talk_sad)
Go on, your father could be back any minute, promise to call me when you get there.

@CAITLIN is deepbreath

    CAITLIN (talk_agree_happy)
I will, bye mom

    RUTH (talk_greet_neutral)
Goodbye Caitlin

@CAITLIN walks to spot 0.688 137 146 in 3 AND zoom on 372 32 to 178% in 3
@CAITLIN faces left AND CAITLIN is rear
@pause for a beat
@CAITLIN faces right AND CAITLIN is rear
@pause for a beat
@CAITLIN faces left AND CAITLIN is reach_kneel_neutral
@CAITLIN spot 0.688 65 80 AND CAITLIN faces right AND CAITLIN is idle
@overlay CAR ANGLE BROWN shifts to 317 -43 in zone 3 in 5 AND CAITLIN walks to spot 0.688 65 80 in zone 3 in 3.5

Because you’re making the car move in 5 seconds but making your character walk in 3.5 seconds. You need to make them both move in the same amount of seconds.

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But when I tried the same amount of seconds they didn’t appear to move at the same speed.

Just tried it again and the car apears to move faster than the character, Caitlin is disppears from the scene like half a second after the car does.

Check the spots to see if they are moving to the same positions. Check out this thread: 🚗 HOW TO: Drive into / Drive Off the scene with Character inside

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Thanks, I’ll have to look in the morning, I just realised that its 1:15 am where I am so I jsut probably get to bed, if I have any more issues I’ll be sure to message you for more assistance if thats ok, good night :slight_smile:

Sorry, its taken me a while, I’ve been busy, but its still not working, my character is still leaving the scene at a later time, I’ve looked at various things to try and help me but I can’t figure it out. I must seem like such an idiot for not figuring it out myself but it would be great if you could offer me some pointers, thanks :slight_smile:

Your character is walking to a spot in zone 3, while the car overlay is shifting to a spot beyond zone 3. The overlay and character need to move to the same zone.

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Oh ok, I’ve got it, thank you so much :blush: xx