Driving Template for LimeLight

I need a driving template for Limelight characters. Everytime I try to make them drive out the characters are never aligned with the car. All I could find was ink templates. Can someone help? (I am using the overlay Car Angle Silver)

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http://www.episodelife.com/ has some car templates for limelight!


shoot just realized what you’re asking, can I see your script?

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Oh nvm, yes you can :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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At the end when they walk out, can you zoom out to see where the YOU character and the car overlay is? (if that makes sense)

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yes one sec

here you go

When the car “drives out” at the end, do the characters move to where they were (ex: driver’s seat, shotgun, back,) when they were in screen? Or do the characters simply go off screen at random spots at the end?

Oh my gosh, I’m sorry I took so long. I tried to screen record but it wouldn’t work. When I placed the characters I made them go to the exact spot the were but in zone 3 instead of 2. I didn’t work right, so I tried using the ink template and that didn’t work either.

When the car moves, what zone does the car’s front go to? Try moving the zone of the characters to that zone.

I did, they all go to zone 3.

Hmm, I think the problem is that when they go out to the end, car travels more (making the car faster), and the characters travel less (making the characters be slower). If they all travel the same distance (from their original spot), it should be the same? I actually have to go now, so I suggest asking users such as Apes and Dara.Amarie

I think I’ve got it figured out :slight_smile: Thank you so much anyways!

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