Drop a lie let’s go

I’m bored let’s play a game “drop a lie “
I go first

I travelled to mercury yesterday and came back yesterday

Next person continue


I downloaded some food from pinterest yesterday and it was delivered to my house.


I’m going to help a cougar cross the street tomorrow, wish me luck

Good luck! I actually wanted to help one yesterday but the cougar told me it could cross on its own. Lucky you. :pensive:

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I turned 201 yesterday :star_struck:

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No way! Belated happy birthday to you! :see_no_evil:

I’m only just turning 3 tomorrow. :pensive:

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Oh wow :pleading_face: brb Ima go in my time machine to go back in the past, then we could be 3 together :star_struck: :confetti_ball:


im turning four today

I just conjured a unicorn.

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Wow I have 2 pet dinosaurs & they can talk! :pleading_face:


That makes me 6 years older than you, since I’m turning 2, like I said. :fearful:

Doesn’t that make you 82 years older since you’re 9? (my brain hurts now)

Oh, that’s true. I forgot to add the age of my dead alligator. Silly me :woman_facepalming:t4:


Oh I forgot the age of my dead unicornsaurus, so basically, im 9.8 billion years old today

Lmao :rofl:


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Oh :sweat_smile:

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I ate a banana that was ment for my pet monkey.

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I ate your mom i feel cringey now lmao

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