Drop down your favorite videos!


This is one of the best things ever. And this:


This one. watch with caution ,there’s some way strong language in them:


This is my absolute most favorite video in the world!

There is profanity being used so be cautious…



Song stuck in my head right now


I feel like we can all relate to this …( there is a prt 2 and 3 as well!)


I want to put this song that’s stuck in my head on here but the language is horrible so nvm ^.^


The two adverts are directed by Spike Jonze so that is why I like those ads lolol


Dude FKA Twigs and Kali Uchis are goddesses


Yass my girl :sob::purple_heart:


do you listen to Gorillaz by any chance


Yes, but I have not kept up to date. All I know is Murdoch is in jail for some reason…?


oh yeah, that’s because he got framed by El Miedra in the music video Stroblite

I like 2D and Noodle, wbu?


Lmao, I lowkey sort of like Murdoch but Noodle is just a cutie.


Psh, yeah Murdoc is cool and ikr she’s cute as heck


Oh.My.God STOP! I’ve been listening to “After The Storm” for days now!


My girl knows a good tune when she hears one :heart_eyes:


:joy::joy: We just know good music! :sparkling_heart: