Drop Outfits Ideas (LL)


Hey so am in the process of writing a story but I need some outfits ideas any but for Limelight
I’ll be giving credit to the ones i pick to use also give credit to the ones i don’t use but will be used by other characters in the story either way you still will get credit in the story and in my insta…
So please send outfits ideas, screenshot, hairstyles that go with the outfits i want to see them all!


This utfit is simple but I think it looks cute :blush:




i like it what your name?


Kanon but my insta is @episode_kocoa :joy:


okay thanks keep an eye out for a story called Trade I’ll lets you guys know when it out


Okay :blush:



ya girl has lots of nice outfits


AWESOME OUTFITS!!! :slight_smile:


I :purple_heart: that 2nd outfit!


Thanks! :smiley:


what’s ur name?


whats ur name?





As it says


This is a really nice one… (My best one, I think. I don’t know about the hat.)
It’s named, “Mysterious”

Chained Pendant Simple Crystal Red Plum Rose

Diamond Embedded Country Chic Crystal Blue Azure

Devil Sequin Shoes Red

Flower Headdress Beaded Flower Purple Lilac

Bangle Thick Beaded Bracelet Stone Gold

Victorian Long Sleeve Striped Coat Long Dress Silk Ivory

If you like fancy outfits, go for it.


cute! did you use this in a story? (i had to see it lol)


Not yet. I want to use it for a wedding scene, when the MC shows up at the antagonist’s wedding.