Drop your character deets! (LL) (New story XD)

I’ve asked for your deets before ,but those deets are for a different story!
I’m writing a thriller fantasy too!
So I’d love to use your characters!
Some roles you can choose from!

Evil werewolves (FULL)

  • @/Lanafrazer_episode Jaquan
  • @/May.I.Write (May)
  • @/sinclair.writes (scarlet)
  • @/Justheaven (Stella)
  • @/Ayu (Haru)
  • @/Justheaven (Stella)

Good werewolves (unlimited)

  • @/lanafrazer_episode (Jarmal)
  • @/lanafrazer_episode (Draco)
  • @/PropertyofNae (Zane)
  • @/Maeverie.Rivera (Cherice)
  • @/Maeverie.Rivera (Lexy)
  • @/Shahtuta (Shatuta)
  • @/Shahtuta (Rafael)
  • @/taylor.slvr (Taylor)
  • @/geminifatale (Kiran)
  • @/AngelWings1983 (AngelWings)
  • @/Neha_reads (Dustin)
  • @/Neha_reads (Neha)

Dragons (unlimited)
(Choose from these colors)

  • Fire (red)
  • Wind (silver)
  • Ice (white)
  • Smoke (Black)
  • Void (Purple)
  • Water (Blue
    … @/PropertyofNae (Alana)(Smoke)
    … @/Maeverie.Rivera (Alice) (Void)
    … @/Maeverie.Rivera (Logan)(Fire)
    … @/BabiGutz (Karma) (Wind)
    … @/Ayu (Kai) (Fire)
    … @/Ayu (Naoki)
    … @/BabiGutz (Karma) (Wind)
    … @/Episode.george (George) (Fire)
    … @/xyffion (Fang) (Smoke)
    … @/xyffion (Lotus) (Smoke)
    … @/Ayu (Yuna) (Void)
    … @/Ayu (Ayami) (Water)
    … @/VanillaS (Quinn) (Fire)
    … @/Phoenix11 (Pheonix) (Fire)

Mermaids (preferably colored hair, but any hair color is still alright!) (unlimited)

  • @/noyaan (Noyaan) (Blue)
  • @/_Shi_Shi (Shania) (orange)
  • @/geminifatale (Kiran) (Purple)
  • @/Clau_77 (Clau) (blue)
  • @/shellos (Shellos) (pink)
  • @/xyffion (Sylvia)
  • @/VanillaS (Inja) (Gold)
  • @/Zopie (Zoe)

Vampires! (unlimited)

  • @/dazzling_ash (Akeelah)
  • @/lanafrazer_episode (Renessa)
  • @/lanafrazer_episode (Alister)
  • @/dazzling_ash (Kion)
  • @/LiliStar (Lili)
  • @/AngelWings1983 (Devil D)
  • @/xyffion (Monika)
  • @/xyffion (Sage)
  • @/Zopie (Storm)

Fairies (unlimited!)

  • @/lanafrazer_episode
  • @/luchibob (Lucy)
  • @/MMG (Twilight)
  • @/Maeverie.Rivera (Ember)
  • @/Cherry_Cola (Harrow)
  • @/agathi (Agathi)
  • @/Ayu (Sakura)

Demons (Unlimited)

Extras (These will be used if I add more roles!)(randomly selected)(unlimited)

  • @/lanafrazer_episode (Tameka)

Thank youuu!
(And if you want me to show you what outfit you will be wearing just say so!)
(And how to credit)


Instagram: @lanafrazer.episode to credit

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Thank you! <33
And do you want me to show you what she is gonna wear?

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I edit my post about the credit and sure, I would love to see, and if u need more characters let me know. XDD

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The more the merrier!
So yup <3

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More of my characters, feel free to give them any roles.
Instagram: @lanafrazer.episode to credit

My Characters

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mermaid i guess?

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Sure thing!
How should I credit you
And wanna see what she’s gonna wear? <333
(Oh and what tail color do you want XD?)

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my instagram is @kaithelyn_writes
yess sure! maybe a blue tail would work :))

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Good werewolves please!

credits to @/fenixxx for Rafael’s character card!

Please make him my mate! :pleading_face:

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You choose!

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how to credit?
And wanna see what she’s gonna wear?

Could she be a smoke (Black) dragon and for him maybe a good werewolf? :sparkles: You can change her hair to Braided Bun Updo if you want. You can credit my Insta @epy.bby_naereboot

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@l.bob_episode (insta)

You can choose what she wears ! But I would love to see it (everything is ok just for curiosity )

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That’s all I need to know!

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Sure thing!

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Character Card by @dazzling_ash

And credit to my forum username @MMG

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Hiii! :hugs:
I’d love to be part of your story if possible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s me:

And here’s my outfit:
Clothes for character details

If possible I’d like to be one of the evil werewolves :smirk:

IG: may.i.writeepisode

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Thank you!
What’s her name?

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