Drop your character details below thread! Ink and LL

hihihi everyone! I know theres plenty of these threads going 'round on the forums but… yh, this one is a bit different!

I have taken a short break from Episode and the forums because of some stuff in real life. And I sorta quit art and writing. But now I feel like I have so much free time after school now! So I’m returning to art for more practice! So read the rules below and have a good day/night/evening!!

Hi. If you drop your details below, you must be patient. As this isn’t an art shop, but a practice for myself with art :slight_smile: and first come first serve. You may request a certain pose, bg and theme! But edits can only go up to one person at the moment!

Character details
Outfit (custom or original)
Pose (or can I be creative?)
Background (or can I be creative?)
Theme (or can I be creative?)
Anything extra

btw <3 you can keep your finished request, but like I said, I will be taking my time :relaxed:


Hey i would love to help! Feel free to use my request for ur practice. If its done, I will def use it and give credit.
Character details:

btw skin color is light.
Gender: Female
Style: INK
Outfit (custom or original): custom you can make your own
Pose (or can I be creative?): hmm i like creative. But i will drop some ideas below.


Background (or can I be creative?): ur wish
Theme (or can I be creative?): Dark and badass
Anything extra: Skull & roses tatoo on her arm

Character details:

Skin: Gold 01
Brow: Arched Natural (Dirty Blonde)
Hair: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid (Platinum White)
Eyes: Round Medium (Blue Green)
Face: Diamond Defined Contour
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Beige Matte)

Gender: Female
Style: LimeLight
Outfit (custom or original): You can decide!
Pose (or can I be creative?): Be creative
Background (or can I be creative?): Something post-apocalyptic maybe?
Theme (or can I be creative?): the theme is “apocalypse”, she’s one of the ones that remained one Earth!
Anything extra: She has a twin and it would be cool if you portrayed them together (but it’s fine even if it’s only one of them!)

Twin details:

Skin: Gold 01
Brow: Straight Medium (Dirty Blonde)
Hair: Military Fade Cut (Dirty Blonde)
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken (Blue Green)
Face: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken
Nose: Aquiline Medium
Lips: Medium Heart (Fair Gold Matte)

thanks @EtherealWitch and @Madhu
I’ve done the poses and moving on to the outline :relaxed:

Character Deets

You can choose which details/style appeal to you most <3

Gender: Female
Outfit: Anything retro!

Outfit if you can't decide!


Pose: Go crazy aaahhh go stupid aah
Background: go creative

Choose whatever moodboard you like most!



Art Style: LL
Skin color: Neutral 03
Hair: long wavy hair (black dark)
Eyebrow: Arched natural black dark
Face: diamond
Nose: round button upturned
Lips: full heart pouty
Eyes: female generic ice blue
Gender: female
Outfit: honestly anything of the “instagram baddie” style
Pose: hands on hips and like shes kinda smirking
Theme: badass and dark
Thank you!!!

Gender: Female
Style: INK
Outfit: In picture
Pose: Whatever you want
Theme: Whatever you want


Hair: Straight Blac
Face: Oval
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Upturned Feline black
nose: Pointed
Eyebrows: Seductive arch
Sometimes really hyper and goofy
**Outfit **
Denim Jacket
Thin Clear Circular Glasses
Yellow Breezy Top
Beige Beach Day Skater Shoes
Red High Waisted Pants

Pose: Be creative!
BG: Be creative!
Theme: Be creative


Mention me! @canvas_creativity on instagram!
BTW! I also have backgrounds so check out my insta if you’re interested.
Please also give credit if you want to use my BGS