Drop your character details in the comments!

There’s always a time when we’re out of inspiration for how our background characters should look. So I had an idea, why not create a massive thread where everybody could drop their details? Maybe even a few outfit ideas?
You know what to do. :wink::point_down:

Edit: You can also drop details of characters in your stories! Just specify who they are and which story they’re from!

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Hair: Diva Curls (Charcoal)
Eyes: Round Bold (Green)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Nose: Elven
Face Shape: Round
Skin Tone: Light
Mouth: Full Round (Blush)

Hey it’s Vivainah, here are my character details:
Hair: Rebel half shaved (chestnut brown)
Skin tone : light
Face shape: soft heart
Eyes: Upturned bold (black)
Eyebrows : defined natural
Nose : eleven
Mouth : classic (ruby red)
Clothes : A party dress will be great! Or any sort of dress/gown
I hope I’ll be in your story!!

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: