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Going back into topic, I would love to see more of your story casts here. And of course, it is highly encouraged for writers to incorporate diversity in their stories. Diversity can be shown in many different ways (ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, social status, family status, age, etc…). If you want to learn how to include diversity in your stories, feel free to consult other writers here. There are plenty of threads here and posts on Instagram on how to include diversity in your stories.

Feel free to drop pictures of the most important characters in your story here. You can also add a short description about your character/s in order for others to get to know them better. You can also comment on other people’s story casts, but also remember to be nice when giving out comments.


Oh I love this!

And it’s pretty convenient that I’ve recently coded this family picture;

They are all neighbors living in the same building except for my peach haired MC in the front and the little fairy at top.

From left to right;

Mason is German - American and homosexual. He is agnostic atheist and an artist. His hobbies go wide from science to anatomy though he’s lacking in fashion sense. Don’t be tricked from his outfit here as Connor dressed him up for the picture.

Next is Connor, he is American and an architect. He is pretty self-aware, sometimes maybe a bit egoistical. He is hardly interested in topics Mason is but he has got an amazing fashion taste. And he knows how to enjoy life to its core. He is bisexual, atheist and in a relationship with Mason.

The self-actualized woman in red hair is Nora. She is a business woman and bisexual. A very strong character. Sometimes so strong that she’s not pleased with people around herself so she’s usually aggressive towards her environment. She’s American with Irish and Japanese roots. An atheist and currently single.

Crowned peach haired woman in the front is Erin aka the MC. She’s a very, very merry fairy. So adventurous and independent. Most of the times quite irresponsible and totally purposeless in life. She’s always happy and careless, loves colors and lacks in sentimental mentality. She has a very primitive mindset when compared to the modern world. Sexual orientation and religion is not a concept in her land of which she is the princess.

To the right is Ryker aka the LI. He’s a writer and agnostic atheist. He has a fun facts column on a magazine although he wants to be more than a columnist. He’s constantly “trying” to write a novel. He has his own jokes that nobody laughs at. An overthinker, has random phobias, talks too much when he’s anxious and he’s a romantic soul. He is born and raised in NYC, his parents being Native Americans. He is heterosexual and unlike Erin his happy colors are brown and black.

Last but not least, Fiorello is the tiny fairy aka a “bitsy”. He is very peculiar to himself. Doesn’t have a concept of gender, sexual orientation or a religion. He is one of the “sillies” of the land. So quick with his emotions, he also lives them to their fullest. Very sassy and adventurous too. He’s quite loyal to Erin and he gets jealous easily if anyone else shares her attention. Loves himself too much, adapts to his surroundings easily but never changes himself.

And there goes my little cast :sparkles: Sorry it took longer than anticipated :sweat_smile:


I like your cast already! :sparkles:

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Ayyy, thank you lots! :sparkling_heart:

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agh i can’t be bothered to make a cute photo of them all together rn , but i’m gonna write about them all anyway lmao

(note: the whole premise of the story is that kathari is populated by the perfection, who are very picky and value good looks, and apodochi is populated by the imperfect, who generally have morals of equality. the deal between the two kingdoms is that the apodochian residents who qualify as perfect will move to live in kathari, and the katharian residents who qualify as imperfect will be outcast to live in apodochi.)

  • mc: a male or female avatar, full cc, although regardless they are referred to throughout the story exclusively using they/them pronouns. they move to apodochi, the kingdom in which my story is set, after being outcast from their home kathari (for reasons which remain elusive for plot reasons)
    (also all of them are seventeen going on eighteen, in their last year of high school)

  • cash: mc’s newly adoptive brother. of irish descent, pale, red hair, green eyes, curtains. he’s a mute, and mc quickly discovers he’s hiding things from them. a katharian outcast. asexual

  • trys: uses they/them pronouns, and is of african descent. cash’s best friend. they’re so bubbly and bright, and talk twice as much to make up for cash’s lack of words. they also have an iconic orange campervan. pansexual (love interest)

  • summer: pale, blonde hair, amber eyes. a katharian outcast. cool and collected, but has a hard time opening up to people. bisexual (love interest)

  • shay: summer’s twin. pale, blonde hair, amber eyes, naturally also a katharian outcast. a pretty chill guy tbh. pretty careless, lives in the moment. bisexual (love interest)

  • ezra: chinese, although he’s an albino (which is why he’s a katharian outcast). he’s very uncomfortable in himself, and although he’s a nice guy who tries his best, he makes most situations kind of awkward. just identifies as queer (love interest)

these are the main characters/gang/friendship group thing idk of my upcoming reveal entry (: it’ll be called BELONG. shameless self promo lmao sorry


Uuf, this was so pleasing to read! I loved Trys the most, it sounds like they will offer a cute/fun reading time.

P.S your profile picture is iconic. :raised_hands:t2:


I have a pic of the crew here (for context, Lalit is the main character of the story)

(From left to right front)

Rex Smallford is Lalit’s co-worker and a graphic designer. He is the more uptight/tense of the group at times but he has his quirky moments and has strange “Rex-isms” like his obsession with hand moisturisation (he is a part time hand model) and he is the more careful of the group. He has known Lalit for the shortest amount of time but currently spends the most time with him.

Lalit Kapoor

The main character - he is a runaway groom and incredibly sarcastic, polite, honest and very assertive.
In some ways, he is kinda like the brown deadpool besides the immortality and stuff lol. Anyways, he is what one would consider the ideal bachelor - good looking, stable job and a great place to crash at (well his friends tend to come around too much lol). He feels trapped and finally learns to free himself from the shackles.

Tyler Adebayo

There’s always the funny one in the group and Tyler fancies himself to be that funny guy. His humour is a mix of sarcastic, teen boy humour and plain immaturity. He is high energy, observant, very honest and when necessary, he is more than happy to be serious. Tyler isn’t somebody who’ll sugarcoat things, he will tell you what’s up straightaway

Destin Rowland

Lalit’s closest friend (they’ve known each other since they were little toddlers) and have been inseparable ever since. Destin is fiercely loyal, caring, is equal measures of calm and kinda wild. The happy medium, he is a voice of reason and serenity - deep down he is pretty zen but he can be petty as hell too.

(The back from left to right)

Jun Watanabe

Lalit’s high school buddy from his rebellious years of exploring botany (if you know you know lol) - normally, they’d skip gym lessons to go watch cartoons and chill then sneak out during curfew to go get black out drunk during parties. They both bonded over the fact they have such strict parents, they realised they had a lot in common as they both have a soft spot for binge watching shows. Jun can be a bit intense sometimes with his random bouts of dancing and his intense passion for the game Crushing Candy.

Terrell James

Comparatively, he is the more quiet one and knew Jun & Lalit throughout high school and were good friends with the both of them. They got closer during their final years of high school and haven’t looked back. Terry is more calm and collected - he doesn’t like small talk and is way more invested in deep conversations & telling his friends how stupid they’re being.

Oop a little edit

So with diversity, I find making your characters as human and well rounded as possible important. Don’t let their sexuality, race, culture, religion, so forth be their complete identity - it is an aspect of their personality, not the entirety of it. Make sure to add hobbies, quirks, flaws, great traits, so forth to give them more substance!


A hand model? A runaway groom? Sign me up! They all are very unique and well-planned out. I feel like they have totally different mindsets yet they form a beautiful union. I will take a wild guess and say that Terrell is the secret “glue” of the group that helps keep them all together.

Also, can’t agree more with the last part/edit. Each character identifies themselves in many different ways so giving general labels without a depth usually seems faulty. Some characters might even prefer not to identify as something in certain topics and that’s still diversity. One just gotta step out of the popularly accepted elements of diversity and explore all the other themes as well.


Based on what you’ve said, your characters sound interesting already. I’d love to get to know more about your characters once your story is out. Also, I wonder how they look like :smile:

I like your cast, they’re all unique and well-rounded. It’s refreshing to see more male MCs and best friends on Episode stories. I love how well-defined your characters are.

And this. Thank you for adding this! I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said.


Here is the cast for my upcoming story:


Ooh I usually like letting the reader choose who they think the glue is because I believe in a way (I sound super cheesy when I say it) that all of them are the glue but I really like hearing the thoughts of my readers.

Also, yes they are very different to each other and I like covering their lives as well as the main character’s, kinda like a sitcom

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These are the main characters from my Reveal story idea. It’s called Sunny Side Up.

First off we have Brianna. She is the player character and so her appearance and name are customizable, but Brianna is her default name. The choices update Brianna’s personality, but in general, she’s good natured and witty in conversation. MTBI type --> E__P (the blanks are because choices)

Then we have Sunny, the character that the story is named after. They are quiet and tend to avoid people, but if you get to know them, it turns out they are very sarcastic. Sunny is what can best be described as a mad scientist. MTBI type --> INTJ

Sam is Sunny’s ex boyfriend. He worked with Sunny a few years before the story start on some of Sunny’s experiments. Sam is a bit of an attention hog and he can come off as rude or selfish. He’s really quite ambitious. MTBI type --> ENTP

Noah is one of Brianna’s potential love interests. He’s an optimistic bean who likes cooking and rock music. He’s pretty laid back and doesn’t mind letting others take the lead, but he’s very loyal to the people he cares about. MTBI type --> ESFP

Last but not least, Mary, who is another potential love interest. Mary is pure chaotic neutral. She also loves talking about obscure painters and can come across as a little pretentious when doing so, but really she’s a sweet person. MTBI type --> ISFP


Awesome cast!


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I have posted my current story cast all over the forums already, but here are the cast from the other story I’m working on:

Screenshot_669 Screenshot_671

A few music majors in college have a band called the Piratez, they are a reggae/heavy-metal fusion band and are struggling to come up in the Bahamian music industry. Back in the 1400’s the governor general is cracking down on piracy and is on the hunt for a lot of pirate captain’s heads.

From left to right:
MC: (customizable) Electric guitar player and singer of the Piratez. She’s a true Libra, she has a hard time making decisions because she’s very free spirited. She is :bahamas: :jamaica:

Avery : Plays the drums, she’s nice and all but often doesn’t think about the consequences and lives in the moment. A very upbeat person but kind of a diva who instigates drama. She is :guyana:

Slash: He is the first love interest and he is NOT customizable. A Ghanian pirate captain and the youngest one in the Tortuga area. Currently one of the most wanted men in Nassau. And while he has done some terrible things in the past his survival depended on him making some very tough decisions. After travelling from year 1432 to the present (2021) he has went from a badass shotcalling buccaneer to a socially awkward college freshman just trying his best to fit in with his new peers.

Jayvid: He is the second love interest and he isn’t customizable either. He’s also the lead singer and acoustic guitar player. Jayvid is pretty full of himself but he’s very work oriented and has devoted his life to his craft. Jayvid’s one of the hottest rising stars in the Bahamian music scene and secretly thinks the rest of the band is piggybacking off of his success. He’s definitely a Capricorn!

Ayden: He’s not in the band, he’s a tech major and mainly does the editing for them. He’s a precious little bean who loves his computers. However, his friends still don’t feel as though they know him all that much as hes incredibly shy but throughout the story we see him come out of that little shell of his

Diane: Piano player. No nonsense, 5 bucks says she’ll beat your ass if you ever try her. She takes quite a liking to Ayden though but in a platonic way and wants to see Ayden ‘live a little’ as she likes to say. She is :turks_caicos_islands:

Abram: He works for the governor general, him and his team have been assigned to find Slash and bring him to justice (and then bring him home to the Lord if you know what I mean). He has been responsible for the most Pirate executions in Nassau, and Slash is next on his list. Will he ever find him? Or will Slash be safe in present day?

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Bump again. Share your story cast here :sparkles:

Very interesting stories. I think it’s very important to bring up topics like ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity in stories. I once wrote an essay on the latter topic. I decided to go here to read more about the current issue of gender equality. I am glad that this topic is being raised in different countries.

Thanks a lot!

Whew, nervous about this… Well, I’m nervous about anything tbf.

Here’s my cast.

Theo is the main character. She is a strong girlie, who has been through a lot. Right now all she wants is justice for her brother. She is super sweet but can tend to be a bit hot-headed at times. She cares deeply for the people in her life, except for her father lol (did someone say daddy issues?).

Sarah is Theo’s best friend. She always sees the best in people and strives to help anyone in need. She is protective over the people she cares about and is always there when you need her. She’s compassionate and supportive.

Justin is Theo’s other best friend. He is a raging bisexual, who has no idea how to read the room. He and his chaotic ways are always there to cheer anyone up. He always speaks his mind and is unapologetically himself.

Luke was Theo’s brother’s best friend. He is also one of Theo’s LI’s. He is calm and caring. A big softie once you get to know him. He is definitely more of the strong and silent type, but he’s got hidden depths, for sure.

Ash is someone Theo met on a night out. He is the other LI. Ash is family-oriented and very sweet. He knows what it’s like to lose a family member, so he understands what Theo is going through. He is usually quite confident but becomes a bit of a nervous wreck when he likes someone.