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MC, based on your choice of gender will be either Theodore or Theodora McKenzie. 27,
Denver kid, currently working with the Feds in the big apple division. Doesn’t like to talk, master of solitude, quite intimidating with how straightforward he/she is, and super, super stubborn. Theo is straight, Thea is homo (less emphasis on that theme because I’m not part of LGBTQA+). And of course, the LI remains female (but we’ll get there in a bit)

Connor Oritz, colleague/friend of Theo/Thea. Bangs down your door before asks for your name, that’s who he is. Impulsive, too naive, always has an adrenaline rush when he touches coffee. Brooklyn since 95’.

Axel Lee, full blooded Chinese, their parents moved to the States a year before he’s born. Weird sense of humour, open minded yet conservative, likes to pull your leg but always there when it counts. Theo/Thea’s solid ground.

Cyrus Cassidy, 27. Theo/Thea’s college buddy in Chicago, computer science genius, EDM fan, skepticalism is his middle name, not to mention he’s two times more stubborn than Theo/Thea. He does think before he speaks, but he just doesn’t really care if he hurts your feelings, 'cause quoting him, “deal with it yourself.”

Eleanor Shaw, Theo/Thea’s secret role model. Perfectionist and analyst who has mild OCD. If she has an Instagram account, it would be triple locked as private. Cracks cases like chunching leaves in a forest during fall.

2nd LI: Selena Mayfair Harris. Chicago raised, works for the Feds in NY division. And for dramatic purposes… She’s Theo/Thea’s ex. Never ended on proper terms for 5 months (until when the story takes place) all because of a case. BRUH.

1st LI: Melissa Jaegar. Kid from a small town of Germany. Went through some very dark s**t I’m not gonna spoil here and somehow ended up in the States with her only sister, Maeve Jaegar.
Oh did I mention she’s an assassin? Well known in the darker side of the city for a few years until the Feds had to send a homicide specialist to pursuit her.

Kaden Townsend, Melissa’s getaway to NY. The dad in the squad (but he HATES it when people call him daddy idk why), the guy with connections, old lonely man at the age of 40 and an Italian decsent of NY. (if you get it you get it)

Astrid Patterson, always the one who goes all in and walks out of the casino with debts stamped on her forehead. Likes to bicker with another squad member Esme. A hothead, but surprisingly patient and caring. Florida is her hometown until she decided that it was just too hot for her to handle.

Esme Luna Murphy. That one girl in their squad who knows how to hack stuff and use electronic gadgets… Properly. Zero filter, empathetic and apathetic at the same time, carries half the sass across all of the story. Only memories of her parents are blank, and her childhood? Orphanage.