Drop your Ink deets! 💫

Hi! I’m in need of some Ink characters in my upcoming story! Please add your name & personality too. Lmk if you want me to credit you! :dizzy:


Name: sherry
Skin: tan
Eyebrows: medium angled
Eyes: upturned feline toffee
Face: round
Nose: soft natural
Hair: straight, green
Lips: classic, rose

Idk how to describe myself in one word, so I’ll make a list
I also like to hate on a Jennifer in every story I make with a random character I don’t know why :joy: (not to offend anyone with that name) it’s just my goto for some reason LOL
Depending on first impressions, I will be either rude or super nice
I like to bend the rules

Idk how else to describe myself so that’s the best I got :joy:
Send me your story once you finish! I’d love to read it!!


Ty! :dizzy:

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Hey! Here’s mine:

Personality: Sarcastic, Humorous, Loving, and clever. Mona can be very skeptical of new people due to her past. But, she’ll eventually warm up to them. She likes being unique and different when it comes to art and fashion. Also, she’s very obsessed with crime shows and music. (Specifically Rock/metal). Did I mention that she’s a huge softie lol…

You can credit me at my forum name :slightly_smiling_face:. I’d love to read your story, when it comes out!

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Name: Blue
Personality: Smart, sometimes optimistic makes good out of bad situations

You can credit my instagram @blue.hair_episode. Let me know when the story comes out :blue_heart:

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Thank you! :dizzy:


Hey Yuke,

You can use my two characters AngelWings and Devil D, too.

Credit: @angelwings_1983

Personalities: They love each other very much… Devil D denies he loves her, but he really can’t live without AngelWings and she can’t live without Devil D. They both aren’t the brightest people in the group, but are very loyal to each other, to their family and friends. :wink:

Let me know if you need anything else.

Love A-W

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Its alot to take in… i know :pleading_face: :joy:

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Some are dating if you noticed :joy:

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Hi! Here’s mine


Personality: Sarcastic, funny, protective. She can be very stubborn but at the same time she’s the sweetest person. She’s obsessed with music and isn’t as mean as she seems.
You can credit me with my forum name☺️ (I would love to read you story when It comes out.)


Personality: Sassy, Sarcastic, Stubborn and can come off a little rude sometimes as she tends to take jokes too far. She has an obsession with anime and rats and will try to bring them into every conversation even if the conversation doesn’t have the slightest relation. :joy:

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@AnaliyahWrites wow that’s a lot! Ty! Which of them are dating? :face_with_monocle:
@jazzy12 @AngelWings1983 @BlooperBop ty a well! :revolving_hearts:


Xavier and silver, riley and Ryder, and Isla and Gabe. Shaquala and Monique are cousins.

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If you still need characters, here’s mine.

She’s a foodie, if you can’t tell!


profile ink

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@Izzie_Silver I really like your details card! And ty!
@Some_kid Thank you!

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Personality Luna: Kind, warm hearted, friendly & opinionated

Timothy: Stubborn, hard working, direct & loud

You can credit @Luna_epsd

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Ty :dizzy:

Here are my deets!

Isabella (female)
Skin color: olive
Brows: defined natural
hair: beach wave, fawn
eyes: upturned feline, blue
nose: upturned
face: oval
Lips: full round, rose

Personality: She always changes. She’s super unpredictable. You never know, and neither does she. The one thing you can always expect from her, is her support and acceptance. As long as you don’t automatically assume that she will be just like you, and that she will share your opinions, she will accept you and help you no matter what. If you try to shape her, then you will wish you were never born.

If you use it, credit isa_episode_ on ig, please.

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skin: beige
brows: defined natural
hair: high ponytail (black)
eyes: almond classic (pine)
face: round
nose: elven
lips: classic (champagne)

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@isa_episode_1 @K-popcorn thank you! :dizzy: