Drop your LL deets for me to practice on! :blob_hearts:

So I want to practice making custom poses to get better and stuff, so drop your LL deets, outfit, and pose (please don’t make it super complicated) and I’ll try and make it! :blob_hearts:

And if you don’t want to use it as a pfp, it’s fine, I won’t be offended. :joy:

This is NOT a request thread! I won’t be taking all requests, but I’ll try to complete as many as possible. :blob_hearts:



feel free to turn me into a horse for all i care :rofl:

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:joy: :joy: maybe I will :smirk:

hello @Superpup! Feel free to use any of those characters! The you can choose the pose that they’re in! :kissing_heart:



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Here are my deets

Detail card

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Thank you!

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Hey girl!
Here’s mine :blob_hearts:

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Hey! Custom poses are hard to make so I work you good luck and attach my character details :grin:

The default outfit but itlf you can use crate without clothes would be even better 🙈

Here’s a bunch of poses for you to choose from (but you can literally use any pose u want in general):

Sitting pose 1

Sitting pose 2

My fav :yum:

Standing pose

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