Drop your story/ideas here!

Hi! I sometimes struggle with the littlest details in stories like… Names! So I’m some of you guys will be kind enough to help out me and other people!

  1. Don’t criticize anyone on here for not taking someone’s idea, don’t start arguments, don’t criticize and or judge someone for their idea! Or I’ll flag your reply/message!

  2. What I’m looking for and or want you guys to help with is, giving people little ideas- Like places or names, etc.

  3. I personally don’t need any help- I’m making this so you can help others, not me specifically!

That’s pretty much all! Hope this will help some of you!


Moved to Share Feedback since this is for story ideas. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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That’s a good idea!
I sometimes struggle with names too… :confused:

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