Drunk Me: Interest Check

So, I have this story idea that I’ve developed, and I’ve written about 2 chapters of dialogue and started coding the first episode. Here’s the plot, tell me what you think;

Ever since her first time drunk on her 21st birthday, Tiara has had some strange things happening. Waking up with things on her computer that she knew she didn’t look up, ending up in places she wasn’t in the night before, crumpled-up papers with weird scribbles on them trashing her room. As she starts to connect the dots, she teams up with a trainee detective and her best friend to figure out this mystery.

The plot line is my own idea, while the mystery is loosely based off the story of Candance Newmaker (her old middle name was Tiara, therefore why the MC is called Tiara).


That actually sounds pretty interesting. I might read it if you decide to publish it. (The word “sexy” in a description always throws me off, that’s the only reason I say might. That’s just me though.)


Yeah, I decided to change it. It just was something i threw in at the last minute, but yeah, it sounds really typical-episode-romcom-esque.


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This is amazing, please PM me when it’s out I would love to read it

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Wow, that sounds really good - would love to know if choices would affect the progress of investigating what happened!

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Yes, I’m planning to make it so that you have choices relating to the mystery.

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Oh brilliant! That will be a great read!

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