Duki's Custom Button Request Thread & Game Menu Template [Closed]

Thank you so much!
Would you be able to send each button individually? So that I can post them as different overlays?

They’re already individual :wink: you just right click on each button when you save and they will be saved separately

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thank you!

Hi! Is this still open? If it is, I would like to make a request.

Font: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Amatic+SC
Color: light brown
Button style (rounded or squared): Rounded
Label for the button (the text on the button): Start, F.A.Q, Skip, Customise, Credits, Check Points

Thank you in advance :blob_hearts:

Hi, it’s still open! I’ll create the buttons once i get home Xx

thank you xx

Sorry for the late response :llama:
Here you go! :blob_hearts:



Let me know if there’s anything you want changed!

PS - Each button is a separate image, so you’re free to use them in any order you’d like :smiley:

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Sigh, a thank you truly isn’t enough! I’ve been struggling with this for days!! Thank you so much :pleading_face:

Please would you mind adding an “end episode” button? Can’t believe I left that out :sob:

You’re welcome! :heart: And sure, no problem.

End Episode


Thank you so much once again :heart:


forgot to ask… if you require credits? how do you want them to be given?

Sure, i’d love that! You can credit me with my insta handle: @duki.writes Thank you :blob_hearts:

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will do!
are you still taking requests?

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Yes, I am :smile:

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Can you please make one with a black background but with 2 white vertical transparent bars?
And differently, can you please make one rose gold bar that fits in it.

If you don’t understand please let me know

Looks like this


But without the text and 2 bars instead of one.

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Ok let me see if I get it…
1.) A fully black background with two transparent white vertical buttons and no text.

2.) A fully black background with one vertical rose gold (not transparent) button and no text.

Do you want your black background the same size as an episode background? 640x1136?

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You’re the right track. Thanks
I was thinking

  1. A fully black background with no text, but like the one I prevously sent, it should have the white rectangle bar. 2 of those please
  2. No need for any more background. Just the rose gold (not transparent) button and no text.

Yes please. I would love the background to be the same size.

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