Dumb question about reads

Okay so how does the read count work? Is it like how many people click on the story, or how many people click on each episode and the the reads from every episode are combined? Or is it one read for every person who reads all the currently published episodes?


The read count works likes this. Every time someone reads a chapter or episode of your story, you will earn a read for your story. I hope this helps answer your question.


You phrased that so well, thank you.

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No problem.

If you start reading a story and you don’t read at least 3 episodes they don’t count.
But I think it’s only for the first 3 episodes

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For memory that’s what counts as a “read” – whenever someone presses the play button on any given chapter of your story/stories irrespective of whether they actually finish that chapter or not, I could be wrong though.

I understand it as one read per person per chapter.

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