Dumb question alert - i need help with a command

Basically I’m trying to make my character run in a place that has a loop background but the camera won’t pan on her while she’s running someone pls help.
@ME is run_cry_embarrassed_loop

also how would i code her then running into someone and them bumping into each other.
Thanks <3

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&pan to zone # in T
@ME walks to spot in zone # in T and ME is run_cry_embarrassed_loop

Try that.

Ons looping background you’ll still need to place the character like normal.

&CHARACTER stands screen center and CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER is run_athletic_loop
@transition fade in black 1


it says incorrect spot, what do i input right after spot?

for spots you’ll want to follow the formula:

@CHARACTER spot z x y in zone a

Z is the size of the character
X is the X scale and how far away they are from the left side of the screen
Y is the Y scale and how far away they are from the bottom of the screen
A is the zone where you’re currently in.

Thank you so much for the clarity and contribution :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey to anyone who may be able to help.
I’m trying to follow my character to zone 2 as she enters then when she stops zoom in on her a little then zoom out a little after she’s said whatever.
this is the command i tried for the “following character to zone” which isn’t it ik.

@ME enters from left to screen right in zone 2 AND pan to zone 2 in 2

Smth like this maybe
@ME enters from left to screen center
@follow ME to screen center in zone 2
&zoom on ME to 140% in 2
ME (talk_neutral_loop)
Blah blah blah
&zoom on ME to 100% in 2

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If you need anymore directing/coding help, feel free to message me! I know what it’s like at the beginning. I am okay to help, but if you ever want to know how to do something via coding, just search up your question on your web browser & put, “Episode Interactive” at the end of it & a forum post should come up. Another way is to do the same thing on YouTube…there’s often a tutorial video on there. These are both quick ways to find out how to fix an error without asking anybody. I had to learn all this myself, so I hope you have a go!

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thanks a lot for this x

I deffo will, thanks Soph!

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Of course!

If this problem has been solved please mark the correct post as solved and I’ll go ahead and close the thread for y’all. Thanks!

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Closed: Marked as solved by op @leadonatelle :v: