Dumb question from a noob

What’s the difference between saying a story is CC or Full CC? I know partial CC means you can edit some of the characters features but not all. I thought CC meant you could fully edit the MC but their gender is already picked, and I thought Full CC meant you could customize their gender AND looks. But apparently not? Whats the difference? If you cant pick the gender then it isnt really a full cc?


Full CC is customizing all features and picking a name. CC is just customizing all features, the name is already picked by the author.


ohh that makes sense lol. i kinda wish full cc meant actual full customization tho. thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

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CC can be limited to a few options, but still grt to customise.

Full CC means you can customise everything, including name.

If you can’t pick the gender, still full CC

I’ve seen on some story descriptions ‘Gender choice’ or ‘Choose gender’ and then ‘CC’, letting you know that they are offering the option to let you pick your gender as well as customize. :slight_smile:

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