Dumb question... plz answer and help tho

How do your u find the leaderboard? Lol I sound stupid so don’t kill me but still I’ve been wondering… :joy::sleepy:

Sammeee! :joy:

The struggle is realll

Hmm, what do you mean? :thinking:

What do you want to find the leaderboard of?

Do you mean check out the stats of users?
To do that, click on those three lines in between your profile pic and the magnifying glass on the right.
When you do that, a list of options such as Latest, New, Unread, Top, Badges, Users, Groups, Tags, Cakeday, and etc. appears. Click on users, and it should lead you a list showing users’ likes given, likes received, Topics, replies, Viewed, Read, Visits. You can view them and even type in your username (on the right, where it says filter by username, just write in your username or someone else’s to view stats). You can also select the time period you want to view it for, by selecting the options on the left, at the top of the names, where it says week. This can be changed to year, month, today, etc.

Did you mean this? :sweat_smile: