Dumb question time bros!

Sooooo I have no clue how to word this …ig i’m just gonna hope people know what the frick im talking about. lol. Anyways so sometimes when I read a story and it’s zoomed in when they zoom out it zooms out slow and in like a half circle like…(oh my gosh I have no idea how to word this if you cant tell)it zooms out but the screen goes down then back up all while zooming out ya know?..No?..okay. any hoodles I WANNA KNOW HOW TO DO THAT it looks so fun. If you have no idea what im talking about I do not blame you ummmm i dont think i even know what im talking about. fun times.

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I THINK I understand but tell me if I’m going in the wrong direction here.
Zooms do that naturally, like if you zoom in one place then you zoom out and like it does that by itself-
Nevermind forget this lol I’m confused myself.
Idk how to explain? AMERICA EXPLAIN


first of all i love you for referencing a vine, and secondly im also confused :joy: words and explaining things has never been my forte, sorry for confusing you and thanks for trying to help.

Update: Okay!!! I finally found someone that knew what the frick they were talking about! so i found what a needed. Thanks to everyone that wasted their time and lost a few brain cells while reading my topic your an og.