Dumb questions that need answering

I just have a few questions:

Should I let the reader choose the gender of the mc?
This will make me very confused and would take me longer to write the chapters. But I would probably get more readers liking my story because of that.

Should I add visual cc?
So I have a visual cc template but i’m not sure if i should use it or just stick to normal cc.

Does my story need a Love interest?
I havent finished planning but does it matter if there is a love interest in my story or not? I will probably add one but not for a few chapters.

Should I first publish with more than 3 chapters?
I know people like to binge read, so should i publish with more than 3 or just 3?

What type of things are cliche in stories?
For example, Mc’s gay best friend, bitchy blonde mean girl, the love interest who says “Shes different.” when the mc has no personality whatsoever etc.

What kind of personality traits do you like to see in an mc?
Question explains it.

Thank you! <3

Stay at home kiddos.

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  1. well its cool but not necessary
  2. cc is cool so yea!
  3. depends on whats the story is about, if its a teen comedy then yes! but if its a spy action story its less necessary, but its always a plus
  4. more
  5. the bad boys, the dead parent of the mc, divorced parents, a dumb blonde
  6. i want her/him to be funny/sarcastic, and kind
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Thanks for answering!

  1. Yes but it’s not nessary

  2. you don’t have to

  3. it depends but yes

  4. if you want to do that

  5. bad boys falling in love with innocent unpopular girls and the same for vamp stories

  6. doesn’t matter, its your story, you should do whatever pleases you and not just for readers, if the readers don’t like your story. ignore them and get on with what pleases you

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Sure why not! More people might engage!

I personally prefer normal CC, it’s easier, faster, with visual CC i have to click around a lot to find what I’m looking for! :joy_cat:Probably just me lol

Not at all!

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Thank you!

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if you want to and it makes sense for the story, but it is hard work, I seen stories where I picked gender and it kept referring to the other because they had not edited it

if you have made on, then most denfetly yes, I can see a reason not too well other than a personal one because I use visual cc too, where a person complain over I did not have full cc and told me to use Dara instead, I do have full cc, she could just not figure out how it works, its not like its hard

like only if you want too, it only need one if its a romance story, if its not your choice to add one

up to you but I do recommend to have all chapters mostly written before you publish, and then edit them and make sure no mistakes before you publish it

that you can get a very long list of, but yeah what you mention already,

I am happy as long her personality is consistent, if she says she dosent drink, dont send her out drinking, if she says she isn’t social dont make her talk with people all the time,

also I do really hate the pity me type, there are two version of this

1 girl with an amazing life complains about it, I am a princess I hate these dresses and giant castle, I am rich girl my parents always buy me expensive clothes and cars and I live in a mansion its so horrible I hate I just wanna be normal, for some reason people think this attitude will make them seem humble, no it makes them sound like a spoiled brat

2, my life is hard parents death I was abusive by my fosters, and everything bad happened to me, I dont mind a sad back story but if you wanna give MC a sad back story dont tell it in the first couple of chapters, its often cheap pity point instead of a personality and it barely works anymore because we are so use to it

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Thanks for your feedback :heart:

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