Dumb solutions game part 2

Let’s bring back the dumb solutions game

Give us a problem and the next person replies with a dumb way to solve the issue then leaves their own problem like so

Person 1:
I’m trying to eat soup but can’t find a spoon

Person 2
Use a fork
I can’t tie my shoes

Etc etc

PLEASE NOTE that these solutions should not be tried or taken seriously. Doing so can lead to you looking like an complete idiot or in serious situations end in death, please play responsibly

I’ll start

I’m late for work


Wow the old thread already got closed? I haven’t been here for a long time :skull:

Just call up your boss and tell him you don’t care anymore. He’ll give you a promotion :wink:

I am stressed out about my exams


Just don’t do them :))
I have a headache

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Hit your arm so your arm hurts instead.
My door’s locked. Help


Stay inside the room then.

I hurt my knee and it’s bleeding.


Gather the blood and sell it for extra cash.

My tummy is in knots :frowning:


Loosen the knots and wrap a bandage around it lol

My teacher gave me an F on the exam :neutral_face:


cross out the F and replace it with an A

i accidentally dropped a dish and it broke into tons of glass


Wish for the dish to be glued back together

I slipped on ice on the sidewalk


use a flamethrower to melt the ice

i attached the wrong file while submitting work to my professor

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Go back in time and stop the professor from being born.

I’m going to be late for work and I’m still not dressed.

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Quit the job.

There’s a bee hive under every door to my house.

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sting the bees yourself to assert dominance.

there’s a hurricane coming

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Tell it to go

I can’t find my headphones


File a police report.

My dog has gone missing!

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Tell your dog to come back.

I’m so hot and the fan isn’t working!

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Take a run outside so that you can feel the wind

My friends are ignoring me


delete the friends from existence

i found out my mom is cheating