Dumbest Thing You've Ever Been Told/Heard/Read



deep breath :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Sighs hard


four legs my dude




i just wanna talk to that kid’s science teacher


“Being gay means you’re vegan”




Legit, I was in a call with my friends, this guy out of no where joins the call and says “Being gay means you’re vegan”, and im like “if im bisexual what does that make me”, he’s like “a omnivore”.
Life is great.


deep breath wow










“HaHAHAHAHAHAH, you’re soooo gay!”

Says the guy with a lesbian mother -_-


“Unemployment is at an all time low because everyone has two jobs.”

X’D ^^’


thats kinda funny too




smacking noises


“Isn’t my dog just so cute???”

Maybe, but UGH! FUCK OFF! Dogs…>.>


I hear a lot of dumb things since I’m around a lot of dumb people everyday. But one of them I heard was this girl gasped when she heard me talking to my friend about my dad and she was like:” really?! You know your real dad?! I thought black peolle didn’t!” I’m dead serious I just looked at her because I’m use to it and ignore it. And another thing someone told me was that idk if my friend was like really being mean or just clueless but with my crush she was like:” I won’t accept y’all because come on if he doesn’t like me I don’t want him hurting you.” And I just kinda looked at her like :expressionless: but she shut up real quick when he spent a whole lotta money on me :ok_hand:t5: