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Ahaha :woozy_face: lemme tie your shoes real quick so you don’t fall for someone else’s shop :wink:

Thank my chocolate croissant it’s finally summer break :man_dancing: Which means I can finally open an outfit shop again - which I’ve been wanting to do for forever. Here I will be accepting outfit design requests and character design requests (background characters) (Limelight style only). Please read the short, simple rules I have and fill out the corresponding form (copy, paste, then fill in the blanks) if you would like any of these for your story(ies).


  1. Please be patient - I am out of school, but I do still work and there is only one of me so it may take some time to get your request done.

  2. Maximums are as follows: Up to 4 characters and 10 outfits per outfit request - not 10 outfits per character, 10 outfits total. Up to 10 characters per character creates request. Up to 6 characters per character with detail request. Up to 10 characters per background characters request.
    You may only request 1 of the above at a time!

  3. If you don’t like it: Let Me Know. If you don’t like something please don’t just smile and wave, tell me and I will do my best to fix it - I’m a big girl I can take some criticism.


Outfit Request Form

Body type:
Skin color:
Hairstyle and color:
Special features(if any):
# of outfits:
Anything else? :kissing_closed_eyes::**

Character Creator Request Form

For when you have the personality but need a face to put it with.
Includes: Character details

Exact age or age range:
Required special features(optional):
Ideas you had(optional):
Anything else(optional):

Character with Details Request Form

For those characters who actually have a role in the story, it’s just ever so slightly insignificant that you don’t want to create them.
Includes: Character details, full name, age, origin, mini personality summary, and 1 outfit.

Role in story:
Specific gender(optional):
Required special features(optional):
Anything else(optional):

Background Characters Request Form

Includes: Character details and 1 outfit.

Age range:
Outfit styles:
# of characters:
Anything else(optional):**



Character Creator

Character with Details

Background Character


Hey, I love your character cards, can I please PM you my requests please?? :))

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Yea np! And thank you🤩

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Hey I was wondering if I could get 4 outfit cardd please



If there are too many items don’t include the freckles and tattoos as they are on my character card anyways

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Of course! I’ll start those right now

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Thank you :sparkling_heart:

Dumbo's Fits Delivery

@Nirsxlbunny your request is done! I hope you like them and thank you for requesting :cowboy_hat_face:

Outfit Cards

bump :cherry:

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THANK YOU! You’re really talented these are really nice :sparkling_heart:.

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Awww thank you!! You’re so sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

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I think I maybe worded my shop wrong :sweat_smile: but I actually take requests for like making outfits and characters - so if you need some outfits for your characters or need background characters for a scene but don’t want to make them yourself you can request them from me. I’m happy (and surprised) some people have liked my character cards, but those aren’t really the requests I was accepting :joy: