Dump Abandoned Room Needed!

Hey, guys. I’m making a scene in my story and I need a very dumpy room, even dumpier than

@queenkhadijah999 Here are some that I found:

Some here as well:

(Julicious Photography)

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thank you so much!

Also, do you know where I might find more cartoon (animated) looking backgrounds?

I have a some of them. Lemme pull them up wait.



deviantART is a good place to try. You could try searching for what you need there and select the ‘Digital Art’ option. Pinterest is pretty good too.

@EpisodeAfra Those are some pretty cool backgrounds. The advantage with these is that it has the more cartoon-ish/digital feel that’ll fit better with Episode stories. I think there’s a way to edit more realistic backgrounds to look like these, but I’m not entirely sure.

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I found a living room whichever was made by someone on the forums (i can’t rememberr who)

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